Welcome dear readers to another pointless and mildly absurd episode of your favourite Non-League football drinking blog. We hope you enjoyed our recent little European interlude as well as Totts special on the old Mitcham Stadium, which has proved to be somewhat popular and may indeed spawn a semi-regular feature on these here pages. However, […]

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The Great Semi of ’93

Occasionally, once every so often, when the planets are in alignment we here at Gandermonium are forced to scrub ourselves up, brush our hair, put on some clobber that isn’t an Amber football shirt and jeans and go to do adult stuff. Which as you’ve probably guessed by now, isn’t our specialist subject. We do […]

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My Passion is a Smokescreen, Apparently

There are far too many games in such a short space of time for me to keep up with all this shit. Yes, I know I wrote last time that Taz was going to take our 200th Blog but now you are lumbered with me. Unfortunately, he either is now apparently serving a one home match ban if you’ve spoken […]

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Extraordinary Rendition

Its 12.15pm on Boxing Day and I am stationery on the M25 wondering just what the fuck has gone wrong with my life. Why I chose to go to Ruislip where Wealdstone play via the London Orbital motorway is down to one thing and one thing only, the voices in my head. They haven’t quite […]

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