Merstham Moatside Misery

Merry New Year reader people! Yes yes, I’m well aware it’s the 14th of January. But I’ve been unwell you see, so this is the first opportunity that I have had to bring you the greetings of the now long departed festive season! I did think I was over the worst of my terrible illness, but […]

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Even the Wind and Rain can’t Stop the Dream

Finally we get to play in what can only be described as the pinnacle of county football. Not only that but only the best teams in the whole of the county dare to enter such a ferocious and demanding competition. A place where you are only up to six games from eternal glory and a place in […]

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When Hopes & Dreams become Nightmares

Ah, the Surrey Senior Cup, the hostess with the mostest, the bounty of the county, the one true prestigious trophy to have in your cabinet at the end of the season. It is in this competition that I hold dear to my heart that tonight’s game was going to played. For years now I’ve loved and looked after […]

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A little bit of History Repeated

After reading the Editor in Chief’s write up on the Bath away game and after having to refer to the Dictionary and Thesaurus to look up the meaning of some of the flashy words that he used throughout his epic in length update, I thought to myself “How on this Earth am I supposed to […]

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Fake Twitter Account

Well after a no show from yours truly on Tuesday night for the Maidenhead game, the reins of Gandermonium were naturally handed over to me to deal with tonight’s write up for the Surrey Senior Cup Fixture against AFC Wimbledon. So with a quick few text messages sent, Duke answered my SOS call and provided […]

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Molesey Shoals

Another game. Another night of excitement in the Surrey Senior Cup. And as I am the only one with the natural animal magnetism and sheer passion for the county’s top knock out competition it was down to me to do tonight’s blog. And what a comfortable first week off it has been. I’ve seen my bank […]

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Baby its Cold Outside

Where to start Munts…. Well after a piss poor weekend that ended with my television deciding to give up and die on me plus the ever looming finishing date for my coursework (still not completed!), I was safe in the knowledge that the trusty old Surrey Senior Cup 3rd Round was upon us. And as the eternal optimist […]

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Make like a Tree and ‘Leafe!

So our first home game on a Tuesday night since Gandermonium was risen from the ashes and it had to be my turn! Lucky then, that it’s the first match in what some (me) call “the greatest show on Earth” and a cup that has remained important to me since the days after the last […]

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When Scotty went up – One from the archives

With tonight’s opening salvo in the County Cup once more postponed, thanks to a wintry drop in temperatures this time, we here at Gandermonium are once more left without content to entertain you, our dear readers with. So, having consoled a distraught Dukey with a keg of cider and persuaded him to put away his […]

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Anne Frank’s Diary

SURREY SENIOR CUP 5th ROUND Att: 279 WOKING – 3   [Sole 13. Morgan 56. Norville 88] SUTTON UNITED – 1   [Johnson 39] I’ll be honest with you dear reader, the match reports have been a real pain in the arse this season. What with the dreadful stuff served up on the pitch most […]

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