Madness, Madness, They call it Madness

Yes, an embarrassment, a living endorsement. That’s me and the other 359 souls that braved the game tonight. I really don’t know what to write…. And to think, what a crackin’ night it was on Saturday, with other members of the gang like the Viscount, Windy and Chalmers we all meet after the train ride home […]

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Where’s the Karma gone? Where’s your Karma gone?

I think my ticker will pack up by the time I’m 40….. And that is not just because of the smokes,booze and loose women, it’s because of the agony and the ecstasy of watching my beloved team week in and week out! The second of my weeks off has been a somewhat stressful affair, a daily viewing of A Touch […]

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More Pushin’ to the Cushin’

What a difference a week in football makes…. I write this blog in the early hours of Sunday morning listening to Ode to Joy by Tchaikovsky and watching old news reports of a little game in 1990 between Bournemouth and Leeds. And I feel reinvigorated to continue… Well I have to be honest the day did begin […]

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The Bitter Taste of Urchins!

Well bugger me! There goes another trip to Essex…….. And let me be the first to congratulate Marky N for surviving his first booze cruise with the Firm, even though he only lasted to Blackfriars mind you. The day itself was another drink fuelled escape with its highlights and low life’s like us running around London and […]

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Baby its Cold Outside

Where to start Munts…. Well after a piss poor weekend that ended with my television deciding to give up and die on me plus the ever looming finishing date for my coursework (still not completed!), I was safe in the knowledge that the trusty old Surrey Senior Cup 3rd Round was upon us. And as the eternal optimist […]

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Another Ton Done Son!

Well here we are again on another Saturday night.  The day began with me having oversleep to the tune of half eight. I know, for someone that should have worked today it really was an embarrassment. But less of how I hate working for the inept sods at Kingston council and more of the rush […]

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Make like a Tree and ‘Leafe!

So our first home game on a Tuesday night since Gandermonium was risen from the ashes and it had to be my turn! Lucky then, that it’s the first match in what some (me) call “the greatest show on Earth” and a cup that has remained important to me since the days after the last […]

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Have You Let Jesus Into Your Life?

Well there goes another dirty weekend in Dorset. The day started with me waking up around 0645 (so only a hour to get up and ready so I could get that train), it was still dark outside but I knew I had to meet the firm early doors. But only after my phone decided to give me the old gee […]

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