Quick as a “pig in a tail”

First of all you readers might think what on earth does the title mean? And I will answer by simply saying “I don’t know”, it’s some comment Natalie came up with and thought it sounded humorous – so there you have it. You will have to ask her!! This is my second time writing now […]

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A Bridge Too Far. For Some!

Damn those egg chasers! If it wasn’t for their bloody daft World Cup being held in sunny old England (plus a couple in little Wales), then the train tickets for today’s trip to wouldn’t have been the ridiculously large sum of £53! Some of us ain’t made of money you know! As it was arranged […]

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Stupid Cupid

Valentines morning in the Totter household. “Do you fancy going to Sutton United this afternoon sweetheart?” Mrs Totts; “Er, why?.” “Because its free for the ladies, and you’re worth it.” Mrs Totts; “Fuck right off.” Who said romance was dead? After a brief and pointless conversation with militant feminist daughter number 2 about whether Sutton’s […]

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Four Blokes & Donna Rachele

Another defeat and this season isn’t getting any better. I’m in no doubt that we won’t go down, luckily there are worse team out there like Staines. Saying that, there goes our 100% record against the bottom teams and we now find ourselves only two points in front of Weston. But with the demise of Salisbury we are […]

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I’ll Never Forget Whats’ername

Can’t believe it, we actually have a game!  I like most people thought that once again thanks to the weather we would not be seeing the boys at home again until March. But lo and behold we’ve managed to appease the weather gods for at least five minutes and get some respite. So with the posh […]

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You Sir are a Failed Fox Murderer

The longest distance to travel to a game this season and everyone is in the Duke’s love mobile. What could possibly go wrong? Well lets start from the beginning, so somehow by the grace of God I’m managed to get the day off for this trip so I could still keep my hopes up for another […]

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You’re Having a Mare Ref!

Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more. And another frustrating night down the Lane ends in defeat. Well this is it my last week off from work, in fact I go back on Friday when most of you will no doubt be off. And trust me, since I have been off, I haven’t […]

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End Of The Line?

CONFERENCE SOUTH Att: 397 SUTTON UNITED – 0 WESTON-SUPER-MARE – 3    [Hopkins 15. 26. Wilson 57] It was probably the game at Weston back in late August provided an early glimpse of the misery that was to follow as we stumbled from league defeat to league defeat. Comfortably beaten 3-0 thanks to a really […]

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Crashing By The Coast

CONFERENCE SOUTH ATTENDANCE : 239 WESTON-SUPER-MARE – 3  [Hopkins 6. 44. Smith 79] SUTTON UNITED – 0 Ah, the first weekender of the season! Weston away has always proved to be a really quite drunken affair, with even a couple of wins thrown in for good measure. The last 2 visits in fact have produced […]

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Bloody Seagulls

CONFERENCE SOUTH Att : 562 SUTTON UNITED – 1   [Pitcher 89] WESTON SUPER MARE – 2   [Hogg  21. 24] Bloody early kick offs.  What twat at the FA decided it was a good idea for internationals to be played at 3pm on a Saturday anyway? That’s it, fuck over all the teams NOT […]

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