We’ve got Wood! Well, Borehamwood

Well then ladies, gents and readers of Gandermonium.  Where do I begin with this one? Firstly, are you sitting comfortably? So, following on from our eventful day of both drinking and football down in Dover on Saturday. I checked my bank balance this morning, and well I hat e to say it, but it’s true what […]

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The Future’s Bright…The Future’s…Doswell…

Well, ladies and gents, after the recent upset caused by some fans on the Amber planet forum following Saturdays game Vs Farnborough, and United’s impressive win on Tuesday night at Billericay (See Duke’s impressive update on Gandermonium here ) An important announcement was made by the Gaffer in the post match Managers Column. Along the […]

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When the machine breaks down…we break down!

Well, well, well…… Where to start with this one! If I’m completely honest I’m finding it a big struggle to put fingers to the keyboard to type this one up! Mainly for two reasons, firstly the game yesterday. Wow it was BAD on a big scale! The other reason, I’ve got a bit of the […]

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Keep the Faith….all you gotta do is keep the faith!

Don’t worry yourselves too much, I’m not going to include a Bon Jovi You tube link in this weeks right up, so don’t worry, normal service is resumed! It was just the best title I could think of following today’s game…. So as I sit here on a Saturday evening looking for inspiration following an […]

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The Battle of Waterloo-ville

Best to start from the top with this one! Well, after a bit of a pants week at work, pushing paper around and sharpening pencils it was my time to cover our away fixture at Havant & Waterlooville. So as Duke (currently looking a tad Amish with his current skinhead and facial hair look) relaxes […]

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Gandermonium Film Review – ‘The Football Factory ‘

So this is a first for the all new and improved Gandermonium. Gandermonium’s first ever film review. From tonight’s selection box, comes The Football Factory! Lets be honest we’ve all seen it, we all don’t really rate it highly in the world of football films, especially when its compared to the likes of I.D, or […]

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Positive goal difference…it’s plus Juan!

Well where do I start on this one. I did come up with an alternative title for this blog…something along the lines of ‘we’ve clipped the wings’, but after receiving a tweet from the Oracle of Gandermonium today advising me that if I didn’t use the above title, tweeted on Gandermonium last night…Taz would hurt […]

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Are you not entertained?

So after a long wait..we’re back, and we’re better!…That felt good! Like the first time I managed to ride a bike without the aid of stabilisers…Sorry Taz, I couldn’t help but mention a little thing to do with cycling…..come on!…ok ok no more I promise! As you’ve recently been reading Taz’s recent blogs from the […]

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A little update from H.Q….Hit or Miss!

Well….yet again..due to the current snow ‘armageddon’ calling our home game off Vs Truro..here at Gandermonium we have been scratching our brains as to what to entertain to you with! Well we scratched our heads and twiddled our thumbs for a while err…all of ten minutes, and decided to give you a double helping of […]

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