Welcome to the Yawnfest

Ah, good old pre-season. No matter what you expect to get from it, the games always seem to be a bit of an anti-climax. With our little excursion to Jersey now a distant memory (But the physical reminder in my guts remains) of a week ago, we got to entertain a team that some consider more […]

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Positive goal difference…it’s plus Juan!

Well where do I start on this one. I did come up with an alternative title for this blog…something along the lines of ‘we’ve clipped the wings’, but after receiving a tweet from the Oracle of Gandermonium today advising me that if I didn’t use the above title, tweeted on Gandermonium last night…Taz would hurt […]

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Not A Wing Or A Prayer

CONFERENCE SOUTH Att: 456 SUTTON UNITED – 1   [Dundas 13] WELLING UNITED – 2   [Ryan 25. Smith 67] With our stay in the Conference South now officially over, we’re left with 4 games to endure that really mean nothing. And when you consider how we’ve performed when the games HAVE meant something, we’re […]

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Wing And A Prayer

CONFERENCE SOUTH Att : 718 WELLING UNITED – 0 SUTTON UNITED – 0 New Years Eve. What a shit day for a football match eh? Well done whoever dreamt that one up! Still, it could’ve been worse. We’ve only got a short run round the M25 to Welling. Some absolute genius decided poor fuckers like […]

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Football Is For Saturdays

FA TROPHY 2nd ROUND Att: 501 WELLING UNITED – 0 SUTTON UNITED – 1    [Akuamouah 12] A couple of weeks ago, we turned in what could technically be called a ‘performance’ at Park View Road as we slipped to another frustrating and completely giftwrapped league defeat. That seems to have spurred them on somewhat […]

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Utopian Vision Of Perfection

CONFERENCE SOUTH Att: 514 WELLING UNITED – 3    [Smith 8. Lay 28. Day 52.] SUTTON UNITED – 2     [Boosey 3. Gonsalves 72.] With 2 unconvincing performances over lower league oppo, you can understand us heading out to south east London for this clash with bottom of the table Welling. Their record of […]

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U’s Get Their Wings

NATIONWIDE CONFERENCE Att: 704 Welling United – 2     [Rowe 45, 65] Sutton United – 3     [Harlow 45, Watson 46, Harford 71] So, a relegation 6 pointer in November?? Not the sort of thing you need. Especially as the U’s had managed to give away 3 points to this lot on our […]

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U’s Wings Clipped

NATIONWIDE CONFERENCE Att: 814 SUTTON UNITED – 2    [Dack 6, 8] WELLING UNITED – 3  [Hanlon 4, Bailey 38, Dennis 75] Match Reporter: Chalmers What a crap cup draw. I can imagine it now. Barry Davies standing there trying to be less boring than Graham Kelly, pulls our game out of the hat. “What […]

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