U’s Wings Clipped


Att: 814

SUTTON UNITED – 2    [Dack 6, 8]

WELLING UNITED – 3  [Hanlon 4, Bailey 38, Dennis 75]

Match Reporter: Chalmers

What a crap cup draw. I can imagine it now. Barry Davies standing there trying to be less boring than Graham Kelly, pulls our game out of the hat. “What a great game for a neutral”. Bollocks you twat.

3 or 4 teams you want to miss, there must be over a 100 in the draw & we get fucking Rushden. I didn’t even know the draw was being made to start with, I got a call from a mate & I thought he was winding me up. I tried convincing Bob, then finally checked on Teletext. ARSE!!

Back to the game. It kicks off and surprise surprise, the first thing I think about is my stomach. Food bar here I come. Saw Welling forward Dennis have a 1 on 1 with Howells, but he can’t finish. I’m putting some red stuff on me Burger and I hear a cheer. Bloody Hanlon’s notched his 9th of the season for Welling. So I toddle off round to our end stuffing my face when a Mark Watson shot rebounds to Dacky who blasts it low into the net from the edge of the box. I still have’nt finished me food when Watson runs onto a through ball, the ball drops to Dack 8 yards out and he beats the ‘keeper easily.

Their defence is awful, they’re even making Watson look good. Winston is doing plenty of running, 100% effort as always. But Hanlon’s running the midfield for Welling as Harlow struggles to get into the game. Howells saves well from the ever dangerous Dennis as Welling begin to take control. We completely lose it, pushing up, Bailey takes a through ball, no challenge from midfield at all he runs to the edge of the box and fires home to Howells left. Looks like trying to sit on a 2-1 lead after 10 minutes wasn’t a good idea.

Second half sees us at least trying to push up for a goal with Harlow having a good strike and a Watson header hitting the post. The ‘keeper drops a Jimmy Dack free kick but the danger is cleared after a scramble. We’re still persisting with the 2 man corner thing as the game slows right down and becomes very boring. Looks like we’ve settled for the draw. Mackie is stretchered off (TR tells us later it’s knee ligaments, he’ll be out for 2-3 weeks) Then we gift the game to the visitors. Brooker is dispossessed going forwards and a long ball is fired upfield. Howells comes out to clear the danger and only succeeds in clearing the ball to Dennis, who then proceeds to send the ball 40 yards back into the empty net.

This defeat is so annoying after the great win at Yeovil. I think we were a bit too sure of ourselves, we didn’t think we had to play for the full 90. We didn’t get stuck in & compete enough. That’s what Welling did & they buggered off home with their first away points of the season. Overall we need more improvement if we’re to stay in this division.

– Chalmers

TEAM : Howells, Brooker, Skelly, Berry, Mackie, Laker, Dack, Harlow, Riley, Winston, Watson.

SUBS : Harford, Ekoku, Salako, Vines

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