I don’t feel down…..Mr Fruit Shoot !

Another sober affair…. Well seeing as this is the first time I’ve Blogged on the same night after the game, I intend to keep it short  and sweet for a number of reasons. Firstly because we got smashed 5-0 at home in a BIG game, which potentially if we had won = more money in […]

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N.Y.E & Bromley away!

Well, where to start. I suppose it would make sense to start with the lack of football in the last few weeks, causing old Taz to delve into the depths of the archives! Well rest up now Taz, Juan is back with one of his own (epic in length) match reports…but before we go into […]

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6 large ones, Cervezas & Back to the Future 2

So it’s Sunday morning, cup of tea in hand, time to write up the FA Trophy VS Oxford City Blog. So me and Duke had previous discussions in the week as to whether this game would be called off due to the typical British climate this time of the year. However the game was on, […]

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Tom Cruise & a Mojito

So Staines away!  Big thanks to THS for the lift down to today’s game. Seeing as the rest of the lads had caught the train and arrived into Staines in the morning whilst I was otherwise engaged returning some video tapes, I thought it best to have a quick pre-match drink on arrival before the […]

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The start of something…

Since yesterdays FA Trophy game was cancelled at Maidenhead. I thought it was about time to start the first of many Blogs to come (Thanks to Taz for setting this up). Gandermonium is now the phoenix from the flames! Due to yesterdays game being cancelled, I thought I would bore you all with a little […]

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