Sunday, 30 March 2014

All About Scoring, Innit?

With three home games to squeeze into this week and a possible Youth cup final to attend to, things here at the F├╝hrerbunker are liable to go a little ka-ka. Juan is still MIA/grounded, so hopefully Taz might be helpful if it takes his mood. And shut the front door, I actually got my old Nokia phone back, fixed and with an intact screen. This does mean that no doubt my camera will now get broken again.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

A Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

It was the second week of March last time around I believe. This year it seems that it is the third week. And just when you begin to start to think that maybe there will be a late surge for the title, Boom, it's gone like a whisper in the wind. So here we have the Duke's rather sombre and sober affair down in the wildernesses of the stockbroker belts of Surrey.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

The Beer Hunter

Well that was a kick in the teeth and then some. Its a bit like every once in a while you find a golden egg. And when you bend down to pick up this golden egg someone comes behind you and kick you right up the arse! It also might've been the earliest I've ever returned home as the clock showed that it was still Saturday.

The Coach That Came in from the Cold

A later start on Saturday morning for the fans travelling via the Coaches put on by the Board for the trip down to Dorchester. Myself being somewhat of an eager beaver when it comes to Saturday mornings, my internal alarm clock decided to wake me up at the crack of dawn. Which wasn’t such a bad thing after all, as the night before I had failed to get the gear ready for the day’s adventure.  Bag grabbed off the hook, and I threw in the latest copy of GQ magazine for some light reading material for the journey, as well as the two flags lent to me via the Editor in Chief, and I was pretty much set for the journey.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

The Long Good Tuesday.

It’s been a fair while since I’ve written up one of these match report, type things. So yep you’re stuck with me for this one! A little inspiration required...

"It's not enough that we do our best; sometimes we have to do what's required." -Sir Winston Churchill.

A quick call in to Duke this fine evening, to remind me, how this thing works, and what it is we have to do exactly. Duke then tells me he can’t talk for too long, as he needs to grab some clobber and head off down the cobbles to play with some kids for 90 minutes. I dunno, something about you at times Mr Duke is very, very wrong! So off he plods to go watch the Youth play down at Coldsore/Gestapo/ Mini Hitler Avenue to take in a Youth Game.

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Don't Drag My Testicles Into This

I think it was the sniggering of the manager of Weatherspoons as the conversation descended into the realms of debauchery that finally had us reach our eventful end of another very long day in the pursuit of eternal happiness. I can't really recall how we ended up discussing having ones nuts on a silver platter and this leading to an argument over if the said plate was heated or not. But I can assure you that no doubt I will be reminded of it on Tuesday.

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Bursting the Farneybubble

Farnborough.  Say it quietly and keep it yourself but I'm going to tell you something. I fucking hate Farnborough.  That I suspect is why I am writing this report with a clear head, early on a Sunday morning when your usual correspondents would still be jammed under the duvet while the room spins around their nut.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Can WE play YOU every week?

I can't believe it,
Didn't see that one coming!

For a considerable amount of time (about ten minutes) I had fretted over how I was going to start this edition of the blog. Was I going to mention some of the crazy birthday presents I received? Or was I going to name and shames those amongst you who didn't congratulate me on my special day? That reminds me someone did text me late by one day! But forget all that, because as I did comment in the executive car heading east, it all depends on the game.

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Game dull. Dundo smash!

Hello readers! Me again. As it was Dukey's birthday, I offered to cover reporting duties for this week so he could enjoy the festivities without having to worry about providing entertaining content for you. That and I didn't want him leaving out anything juicy from the drunken stupidity that would no doubt ensue. As you can tell, trust is something we value highly here at Gandermonium.

And besides, with Juan unable to secure an usupervised day release from HMP Missus for a second week running, it's not like I had much choice in the matter.