Normal For Norfolk

I’ve no idea what’s supposed to be so funny about Norwich but it seems to generate all kinds of unexplained hilarity in certain comedy quarters.  If they want to pedestrianise their City Centre that’s their fucking business and it happens to be one of those rare subjects on which I have no opinion to offer […]

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0239 265 4321. Hello Aqua!

We’re now half way through the pre-season calendar and let’s face it, I doubt very much it will be that memorable. Three games down, we’ve seen three goals, all in the last ten minutes. Shots have been at a premium and any vague entertainment is soon forgotten. So would a trip to Portsmouth be any […]

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The Smell Of Embrocation

“My wife said she fancied a romantic summer evening down by the Thames.”  “Hampton Court?” “You’re not kidding, I could barely whip it out quick enough.” My favourite comedian of all time is music hall legend Max Miller – the Cheeky Chappie – banned for life from the BBC for his famous Blue Book of […]

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Chinese Palm Trees

After finally decontaminating myself after going deep into enemy lines at K’s midweek, it was time for young Robbo to take the reins and return to Gandermonium blog duties! The next opponents in our pre-season programme was Crystal Palace…not the first team but a select eleven. So it was a thought as to whom would […]

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