Garden of England

The times, they are a changing my friends. I mean, take the last few months for example, where there’s been enough carry on to completely confuse and befuddle even the most clear minded of grown adults. First we lose our manager of 11 years, followed by most of our squad. Then the government try to […]

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Doing the Zaza

So here we are at the end of another Pre-Season campaign of sorts. And before your eyes are firmly fixed upon Saturday’s match against the team that comprises the former Solihull Borough & Moor Green, we have one final game to play. Of course, with four days to go till the opening match, you would […]

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Clear and Present Danger

The Resurrection of Juan. After a bit of a break from doing the write ups for various reasons on Gandermonium, for two reasons mainly. The shackles of love holding me down, and the lack of permission slips from she who must be obeyed! That’s right I’m back for more…more pain, pleasure, football, and shit! So […]

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Who are Tud-Binge Angles?

“This geezer was special, I mean REAL special. He was thick as shit in a bottle, he even made two short planks look like a fuckin’ computer.”  What is he talking about? I hear you say, well I hope its you talking to me or otherwise not only am I talking to myself I’ve even began […]

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Halleluja, Halleluja!

PRE-SEASON FRIENDLY Att : N/A TONBRIDGE ANGELS – 1 [May 54] SUTTON UNITED – 0 Hello everyone, we’re baaaaaack! Bet you’ve missed us eh? It’s been a long summer. Well, it’s seemed like it, despite probably being one of the shortest post-season breaks we’ve ever had! Perhaps it was fact that the only football to […]

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