Sten Guns in Hackbridge

The festive spirit? Don’t get me fucking started. After a month of half-arsed and contrived piss ups by Christmas Eve I was flagging, so what did I do? Went to the Euston Flyer at lunchtime when the office closed for beer and whiskey and then headed south for a pre-arranged meet at the Hope in […]

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You Can Say No

When the news first broke about the fact we’d have to replay our FA Trophy tie with our 3rd Qual conquerors Concord, rather than getting the free pass we assumed their administrative faux pas would grant us, I personally wasn’t all that fussed. Mainly as the FA announced the rematch was set for Wednesday the […]

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Baby Oil, Bubble Wrap & Bin Bags

Three minutes. Three fuckin’ minutes. That is all it took to take the maximum points away from us. Not for the first time this season have we let an away side back into the match by switching off in defence. Still a point is a point is a point as they say. And with many […]

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Don’t Touch My Sausage

So we’re off back to Maidenhead Hayes & Yeading a lot earlier than anyone had expected. In fact, it was only five weeks ago that we saw them once again win down the lane by the solitary goal from their solitary chance. I was hoping that one day I would be able to see them […]

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No Supervision = No Regulation

As many of you are aware, we in The Firm can be quite a handful where drink is concerned. Most of the time it is ok because our fun is always regulated to an extent by the whip. And that whip is usually kept in the hands of someone sensible. Problems begin when it is […]

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Dukey Don’t Camp

Football, it’s a bit of a passionate, tribal sport innit? I mean, ok it’s a lot softer and cuddly and safer than it used to be, but there’s something to be said for losing your shit occasionally. It can be quite cathartic. And I say that as someone who may have had a shout or two […]

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Juan’s 37th Birthday Spectacular

So here we are again, another trip back to Stortford. It seems like only a month we were here in the old FA Cup. Or course everyone knows that it was a whole seven weeks ago. And since then we had won a few, drawn a few and lost a few. But also today we […]

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Undercover, with a Carrier Bag full of Stripe

Bollocks, I knew I should have volunteered to do the Oxford game – a feisty Monday night encounter against a top side where we showed our mettle and should have really come away with all the points. A clear sign that we were pushing on – or maybe not? Like so many wannabes at this […]

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Tu Madre es un Puta!

Yes ladies & gentlemen, boys & girls. The rumours are true. We actually have a home league game for what feels like the first time in jeffing ages. Ok, so the last time we were at home was really only 3 weeks ago against Hemel in the cup, but that was one of just 2 […]

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There is Popcorn in my Gravy

Langney Sports Eastbourne away must be one of those trips that, say if a militant, family friendly, football supporting, sitting down terrorist wanted to remove the historical traditional working class supporters like ourselves, he could do so quite easily with this fixture. Looking back at the previous blogs, since the resurrection, we can work out certain key events…. […]

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