Sunday, 26 January 2014

Can you Streak at a Youth Game?

Ah a nice cup of tea.......

Just the answer as I shuffle around in my command centre.

The problem/benefit to the drinking the Firm partakes in, is that for me I don't get hangovers (much to the disgust of someone!). That is not to say that I don't fell the effects of a couple of sherries, a case of the old two bobs is always called for on a sunny morning like this.

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Morecambe, but definitely not Wise... - One from the Archives

Another postponement, another dull old archive report. This weather is a bit of a pisser really. I think we'll need to have a word with the league about this 3G pitch stuff, as if we're going to get 3-4 weeks off every winter because of our new found monsoon season we seem to be getting we're gonna run out of archive stuff pretty quickly. We hope you like this one as I had to shift the Smugometer out of the way in the basement earlier to get to it. No fun when you've been on the piss two nights running, it's bloody heavy.

For today's little skip down memory lane, we're off almost as far back as we can possibly go and a somewhat lengthy trip up to Morecambe in the Conference National. Where we got soundly bummed. What fun.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Up Phonpei

As football fans, most of us have one thing in common. We'd quite like to have been good enough to have had a real go ourselves. And I'm not talking sunday morning stuff, as even 'tards like me can turn up and run around (ok, jog a bit) hungover on some crappy park. No I mean proper stuff. Football that people actually recognise as 'real'. From our own beloved semi-pro standard, right up to Internationals.

Now, of course, 99.99999% of us never get close to even bothering to trying to act on these dreams, let alone actually lace up some boots and have a go. Mainly because we are, deep down, probably a bit too sensible\not brave enough and know we'd never manage it. 'Cos we're shit.

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Seventeen Hours

Let me borrow just seventeen hours of your time. That is because for seventeen hours yesterday I was out and about disgracing myself on our little trip to Chelmsford.

I will have to say that when the fixtures came out in the summer one of ties you don't really look for is our trips to Essex with much enjoyment. Even though the previous trips to Melbourne Park have been entertaining with classic victories and as some in our Firm call "Top B" with the home support.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

The Referee's a Wan... - One From the Archives

Happy Coventry Day one and all! Unless of course you hail from the aforementioned City in the Midlands. In which case, you'll probably be having a bit of a sad frowny face on, especially if you've stumbled across our twitter account today.

Now, we didn't do an archive report at the weekend for several reasons after the Gosport game was called off. The main one being I'm a lazy bastard and I couldn't make my mind up on what load of old tat to use instead. Yeah, sorry about that. 'Dedicated' was never a word used in conjunction with us here at Gandermonium, unless it involved trying to get another round in at 1 minute to last orders in a packed bar of course. Still, seeing as Dover was off tonight, we think we'd better give you something to read before you forget about us, Sutton United and football in general what with this shite weather.

Friday, 3 January 2014

A little shuffle of the deck...

Well, there have been some recent changes to personal in the last few weeks, days ,hours minutes. For those locked down to the official site and forum will have seen the updates! So over the last few weeks we first released Dean McDonald, shortly followed by our skipper and then Rivs, shortly followed by Sam Rents! So where do they all end up? Margate, seems that’s where the party is at! Still more to this than meets the eye me reckons. With Terry Brown taking the helm at Margate, he is clearly looking to re-build his old AFC Wimbledon squad, with old faces returning.  Either that or the brown envelopes are bulging at the seams.

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Saints Alive! - One from the Archives

Now, normally when we get a game called off, I'll pop down into the basement here at HQ and have a sift through some of our old records from the previous incarnation of Gandermonium to bung on here as filler. Well, this time the game called off was on New Year's Day, you know, the one that follows the evening you spent getting absolutely munted under the excuse of ushering in another year.

Well, yeah. We went and got absolutely munted at Mr X's palatial residence under the excuse of ushering in another year. So munted in fact that some of us (eg. me) only raised our heads to read the text telling us the game was off before burrowing back under our duvets until nearly 2pm. Which is why 24hrs after we'd normally do this, we're doing this.