Double Vera and Tonic Please

“There’ll be bluebirds over, The white cliffs of Dover” And I always thought that the bluebird was not indigenous to our fair young island? But who am I to disagree with a singer that is now synonymous with a cigarette paper used for roll-ups, or is that a drink made from Juniper Berries I wonder? Fuck knows. Anyway […]

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That which starts sweet, ends bitter & that which starts bitter, ends sweet

This update is sponsored by Paddy Power & Spencer Days accountant. So this week in the world of Juan has been a rather ‘topsy turvy’ one to say the least. Let’s start by turning back the clocks to last Friday afternoon. Time approximately 16:30 HRS, location Board Room. What happened next, I can only describe […]

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Who are Tud-Binge Angles?

“This geezer was special, I mean REAL special. He was thick as shit in a bottle, he even made two short planks look like a fuckin’ computer.”  What is he talking about? I hear you say, well I hope its you talking to me or otherwise not only am I talking to myself I’ve even began […]

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Stand & Deliver

Same place, different face. So after missing the Concord game on Bank Holiday Monday, cause ‘er in doors wanted to spend some quality time up Town, I’m back to cover our next home featured presentation so the Duke can relax and do what he does best. Drink and bellow out his trademark saying of “Justice” […]

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Diagrams of Diaphragms

Have you ever had a doughnut burger? All you have to do is start with your typical bacon cheeseburger and change the standard burger bun for a glazed doughnut, slice it in half, flip it around and slightly toast it and there we have it, obesity in America. Mmmm. Buuuurger. Anyway, welcome Ladies & Gentleman on […]

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Bishops Move

So this Saturday, our home campaign continues, with the first Bank Holiday fixture, we welcome back to Gander Green Lane Bishops Stortford. So we hope that Tuesday night’s current play continues this rainy Saturday afternoon. For those of you that couldn’t make the mid-week fixture, well you missed a banger and a goal fest! We […]

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Achtung! Spitfire!

In the blink of an eye last season’s near miss and SSC heartache has been forgotten (for now mind you!), and a new campaign has begun. And where have the footballing gods decided to put us for the opening salvos of the new adventure? Eastleigh. Fucks sake. Well after last weekend’s exploits on the continent […]

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Willkommen in der S.S..

Some of you may have seen earlier in the week, via our Twitter feed, that we the Conference South has been awarded a new sponser, the Skrill South. Yep thats right you are reading that correctly, the Skrill South. Not the Conference Skrill South, just the Skrill South. Apparently the marketing fella that came up […]

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