Achtung! Spitfire!

In the blink of an eye last season’s near miss and SSC heartache has been forgotten (for now mind you!), and a new campaign has begun. And where have the footballing gods decided to put us for the opening salvos of the new adventure? Eastleigh. Fucks sake. Well after last weekend’s exploits on the continent […]

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Ode to Fluffernutter

“What we do in life echoes in eternity.” – Maximus Decimus Meridius Never has something been said that speaks so much truth. But in the world of The Duke we need to slightly change the wording a bit:-  “What we do on a Saturday night echoes for the rest of the week” Because that is […]

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Willkommen in der S.S..

Some of you may have seen earlier in the week, via our Twitter feed, that we the Conference South has been awarded a new sponser, the Skrill South. Yep thats right you are reading that correctly, the Skrill South. Not the Conference Skrill South, just the Skrill South. Apparently the marketing fella that came up […]

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A Swingers Party or a Sex Dungeon?

Chelsea, Chelsea! Chelsea, Chelsea! We’re going make it a blue day! Damn that song has plagued me since first hearing it in 1997. So to begin today’s blog we must go to the moment that I arrived home, and managed to get the end of the Head to Head on Pointless and what was the question? “Managers under […]

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A Penny for your thoughts….

So it’s back to Juan to cover the third PSF so far. So this time, we are again at home to A.F.C Wimbledon, who sit some 30 places or so above us in the football pyramid. A local bus ride for Wimbledon today, all the way from the ground we love so much, Kingsmeadow. So […]

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Salute me or Shoot me

So here we are again, the return of the Firm for another season of drunkenness and stupidity awaits us all. Hey, its what we do best! Of course we will be having the usual away trips that will no doubt produce those one liners for the ever expanding “Why we Bother” section of our blog (which can […]

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Bang, bang you shot me down….

So it’s back. And well didn’t that come around quick! Seems like only yesterday that the Season had finished. Say goodbye to your wives, girlfriends, families etc, it’s time to reunite with the beautiful non-league game, oh and of course re-unite with the beer! So time to ditch the other football related content for now, […]

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