Friday, 30 May 2014

5-1 to the Sutton Boys! (Belgrade Pt2) - Football Abroad

In part one, Juan took you through the thrilling tale of a romantic sunset over beers, a tour at Partizan, nosing about at Red Star, meeting some nice Delije chaps and seeing enough silverware to give a Brasso salesman a raging hard on and thoughts of early retirement.

Up next, it's Dukey to run you through the events of our little jaunt up to the fair city of Novi Sad. What did we do here? Got bloody drunk, that's what! Here's part 2....

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Dobrodosli u Beograd (Belgrade Pt1) - Football Abroad

So, did we go to Serbia for four days? Did we drink a shed load of beers? Did we tour three of the biggest clubs in the Jelen Super Liga? Did we see a game of football? Did we all get out alive? We might have! By the way, the 'all getting out alive' bit surprised us too.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

2013/14 Season Review - Part 3

Welcome to the eagerly awaited final part of our review of the season that was, that just happened and what has not long just ended. Did we make the play offs? Are we going to Bristol Rovers or Boreham Wood next season? And why are we asking all these questions when you probably already full well know the answers?

Eh? It's called 'setting the scene'? Load of old bollocks if you ask us. We give up. Here's Part 3.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

2013/14 Season Review - Part 2

In part one of our thrilling, no holds barred expose of just slightly below the cutting edge of English Non-League football, we took you through another slow start, some goals, a bit of form and mentioned some drunkness. Can it continue? Do we find out what a Skrill is? Do you honestly care? Anyway, here's Part Two of the Gandermonium Season Review.

Hey! That rhymes!

Youngsters In Fine Fettes

With the season now over and despite the slightly disappointing way it finished for us U's supporters, this doesn't stop us missing the silly game we all devote probably a bit too much time and money to. And with a World Cup just over a month away, we naturally go looking for any old football to watch, just to bridge the gap inbetween. 'Cos when the WC is done, it'll be pre-season again! This is why I'm currently 'watching' Sevilla v Benfica on ITV (of all channels) as I write this. And Andy Townsend is summarising.

I can't fucking stand Andy Townsend.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

2013/14 Season Review - Part 1

The season is over and despite finishing the season like a train, we’ve bollocksed it up at home in the play offs again and we’re all really quite depressed. So what better way to alleviate the misery than to have a read of our Season Review and re-live all the highs, the lows and the constant bollocks Richard Hill spouted all over again?

Hmmm. We're not really selling this very well are we?

Sunday, 4 May 2014


For fuck sake, I can't fuckin' believe it. Wasn't that just a fuckin' kick in the teeth or what? I feel as depressed as going on a tandem on holiday in Centre Parcs.

After 24hrs since our season came to a bitterly disappointing end, I still feel absolutely gobsmacked! With what had started as a small dream soon became a nightmare as we limped over the finish line in what will be forever seen as a disappointing end to a near successful season of 2013/14. Even writing this is starting to depress me, but I must carry on like a gambling addict in Las Vegas, and try an finish what I started.

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Rockin all Dover the World

Time check: 1655, in a mad panic I rush down the office stairs and head into the gents to change from my work clobber into my football wear for tonight's game. With time not on my side, I coat myself in the poor mans quick shower spray, a.k.a Lynx Deodrant, grab my gear and hit the streets of Leatherhead to meet the Duke at the organised rendezvous. Nope, not a glamorous pump, but Leatherhead station. I storm up the street in a military style, not giving time to those that may be in my way. Head down, and march on through.