Casper’s Crap

Welcome dear reader to the second part of our back to back excursions to the North West region of our hugely enlightened, modern and politically untroubled isle, as we follow up last weeks trip to Tranmere with yet another early start and an awayer up at the BBC’s absolute favourite lower league outfit, Salford. It’s […]

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No Homers Allowed

With a decent festive period now behind us, we’re diving headlong into 2023 proper with a busy old January and February with a few long away slogs now coming due on the calendar. Next up Matty Gray’s Amber Army is a North West double header with Tranmere and Salford away on consecutive weekends. This would […]

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Wombling 2023

Jeez, what it is it these days with changing years seemingly every 5 minutes? Christ, just as you get used to one they go and bloody change it for a new one. Bloody annoying if you ask me. Anyway, it seems we’re now lumbered with [checks notes] 2023 and apparently there’s no returns allowed, so […]

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Going Viral

Over the last few years, despite the level of relative success the club has had, we’ve still managed to make ourseleves look a bit daft from time to time and given the age we now live in what with all the Bookfaces, the Twatters and Tok Tiks, these moments invariably wind up online with people […]

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A Child Called Tinsel

Season’s greeting kiddos! Did we all have a lovely post-Santa break in with the family? Oh wait, that’s presuming there’s family. Ah bollocks, we’ve made a right pigs ear of that right out of the gate haven’t we with a lazy assumption and not thinking of others again. That’s it, we’re done. As good as […]

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Fit Vicar

The seasons seem to pass so much more quickly these days for us old gits. Only seems like 5 minutes ago that we tipped into December, opened the old festival of ‘fuck it it’s Christmas’ and started living off sherry, Quality Street and turkey leftovers for 30 days. And now here we are, already at […]

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Life Flashing Before Your Eyes

Bit cold out innit? Sort of weather that makes you question your sanity when you so much as nip to the corner shop or take the dog for a walk round the block, let alone spending a good 100 minutes watching grinding League 2 football of your own free will. Please, no comments as to […]

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How Much For a Cow?

Ten years. It’s a long time you know as anyone who’s been sent down for ‘Riot’ or ‘Fraud by false representation’ will freely attest to I’m sure. Well, it’s also a long time to be operating a shit football blog too. Yes folks, Gandermonium 2.0 is 10 years old with the first blog(s) of the […]

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No Other Distractions

Oi! Stop watching that Qatar World Cup cobblers. It’s immoral and stuff. Besides, we’ve got more than enough on here to keep you occupied for the duration and you don’t seriously think that the gathering of the world’s finest international teams to battle it out for global supremacy is in any way more entertaining that […]

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What World Cup?

You can tell who the glory hunters are. A bit of a dip in from and the usual Gandermonium scribe disappears to leave yours truly lumbered with another head scratching session, ie. where do I go with this? Then of course, Kebab Belly Bob is a no show too. Some family bollocks to attend – […]

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