Last Orders

I fumble with the keys, trying to remember which is the right one and try a couple with no joy before on the third attempt, one finally turns in the Yale lock and in customary fashion with the floorboards creaking under the effort, shoulder the stiff old door open and half stumble into the gloomy […]

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How Much For a Cow?

Ten years. It’s a long time you know as anyone who’s been sent down for ‘Riot’ or ‘Fraud by false representation’ will freely attest to I’m sure. Well, it’s also a long time to be operating a shit football blog too. Yes folks, Gandermonium 2.0 is 10 years old with the first blog(s) of the […]

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A Tenner in the Bank

Welcome once more dear friends to the latest episode of a series we’re calling “This is just getting bloody silly now!” and what everyone else refers to as ‘The 2021/22 season’. This week, it’s the furthest north the U’s have ever been for a competitive game without actually entering the Irn Bru Cup (Ah Airdrie, […]

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Poppa T & the Skiffle Punks

Welcome back dear reader to our little corner of the interwebs! Please, do step inside, make yourselves at home and then slowly wonder why you bothered in the first place as we rabbit on about all sorts of random bollocks vaguely related to the activities of League 2 side Sutton United. Don’t sit in the […]

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