Casper’s Crap

Welcome dear reader to the second part of our back to back excursions to the North West region of our hugely enlightened, modern and politically untroubled isle, as we follow up last weeks trip to Tranmere with yet another early start and an awayer up at the BBC’s absolute favourite lower league outfit, Salford. It’s […]

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Meh or Men?

Good day to you dear reader, yes, I have returned. My sabbatical from churning out this nonsense endlessly has come to a close and I return refreshed and ready to retake the reins and astound you with wondrous tales of drunkenness, stupidity and shit League Two football. You lucky lucky devils! Wait, where are you […]

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Spider Cup

Take a deep breath, here we go again folks! You can also pinch your nose if you really must. After a couple of midweeks off, we’re back full pelt once more into the raging footballing torrent that is League 2 and welcoming the BBC and Sky Sports bessie mates Salford City to Gander Green Lane. […]

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Built, Not Bought

Tell you what, this League 2 lark is a bit of a stretch innit? Four away games to kick off the campaign thanks to GGL’s new environmentally friendly playing surface not being ready means that after 18 months of largely inactivity, some of our wallets and livers are gonna be pushed to the limits this […]

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Billy Big Bollocks Baloney

“In this world one thing counts….In the bank, large amounts.” I’m a big fan of the old musicals me. Not the current half-arsed bollocks which is basically just a threadbare plot to stitch together an artists back catalogue so they can have another run round the houses milking the royalties. Nope, I’m talking about the […]

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