Ctrl, Alt & Delete

Hello readers, welcome to another blog in the history of Gandermonium, and let us hope that this one reads more positively to recent events.  Mostly those being the form of the team which has been poor to put it politely. If you did not already know by now but on Tuesday saw the embarrassment of […]

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4 Minute Delay

Oh great, it’s another Gandermonium Firm away trip ‘Oop North’. And it’s a return to the North-East for this episode. Needless to say, the financial expenses that come with supporting a national non-league team are never ending these days. But would we like to revert the clock back a few years where the highlight would […]

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Crocodile Shoes

New Years resolutions. We’re not sure why people bother to be honest. They always seem to choose something that is either quite vague (Be more adventurous!) or that’s almost certainly going to lead to disappointment and or failure (Eat healthier!). We here at Gandermonium rarely, if ever bother for these reasons alone and that’s before […]

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Sadly Sober Saturday

Thank you Mr Duke for your kind handover and there was me fretting about what nonsense you would write by way of introduction.  Your words though squire are very kind! Thankfully there is no need for an international break in Non-League football, and may I add international football really is the pits, well all except […]

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Three Blows to the Heed

As we arrive at the traditional Easter weekend double-header, I’m still rather surprised to realise that this year’s campaign is very nearly over. I mean, it seemed to be going on and on at one point. But with Chocolate Egg weekend being a little late this year, we only have four games remaining. Four bloody […]

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Blog On The Tyne

If you’ve been hanging around these here parts for any length of time, you may be aware that we here at Gandermonium have a motto of sorts. “Leave no man behind! (Unless mutually inconvenient to the rest of the group)”. And we meant it too. Well, until Saturday night at least. On several occasions in […]

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