Fred Gee Pitches In

Once more, mother nature has decided that we are not able to witness 22 semi-pro footballers stumbling about on a bit of wet grass, with the seemingly never ending deluge meaning our trip to Bromley was wiped out this morning by what could only be described as ‘a fuckload’ of overnight rain. Shame really, as 1st […]

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Welcome to the Thameslink Classico

What a debut match to be selected for/lumped with for a first Gandermonium match report. Borehamwood away on a misty Monday night. Nothing less than the El Thameslink Classico itself!  It’s an easy hop up from St Pancras where I work to the suburban Goonerville of Wood and Elstree. Out of the station and things […]

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The Kiddy magical mystery tour

The whole Gandermonium staff were of course all present & correct in Kiddy for the cup tie yesterday, although not all of us were on the chuffer and stumbling into the pub at opening time. Newest member Totts chose to take the supporters coach up as it was cheap and allows normal saturday morning family […]

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Red Card Roy

Right, let me tell you about me, Roy McDonough and Sutton United. Stick with this as you wouldn’t have got this review, or Totts addition to the Gandermonium roster of star writers, if it hadn’t been for being forced to haul the memory back fifteen years to try and back up an anecdote I was […]

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