The Promised Land

As a lifelong Fulham fan the 2020-21 season will very easy to brush under the carpet. To be fair when I last got to Craven Cottage in the flesh they were in the Championship and by the time I get back there next season (fingers crossed) that’s where I’ll still find them. Although in the […]

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Flowery Twats

We live in strange and troubled times ladies and gentlemen. Our nation’s leaders are a set of bumbling fuckwits & liars, the country is being battered by a succession of increasingly oddly monikered storms, Dukey has abandoned his mission to save the planet and has instead taken to educating our youth, that Coronavirus bollocks is […]

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Dirty Barry’s Dirty Weekend

Back in the seventies – will you stop fucking groaning at the back – back in the seventies the Dirty Weekend was a staple of British comedy and as much a part of popular culture as Glam Rock, Spangles and a clip round the earhole from you friendly neighbourhood copper. I have no recollection of […]

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Down in the Gulls

So once again Sutton are back on the road for yet another long distance midweek adventure. Content with a point after  a 600+ mile round trip up to Cumbria, it’s now only a mere 400 mile round trip to the wilds of Devon to take on one of bottom four at Plainmoor. And just to […]

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The Likely Lads

As I head rapidly towards formal and legalised “concession” status, rather than just trying it on at the turnstile on a wintry awayday or at the pensioners lunch club down the Nelly, I find myself drawn increasingly to the more simple pleasures in life and the headlong dash towards what the marketing men laughingly call […]

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Double Tourque

Well thank fuck the media circus has finally fucked off and left town. Now it’s time to get back to some sort of perceived normality. Especially considering that we seem to have slipped down the table somewhat a little bit of late. And what better way than to celebrate our return to boring old league […]

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Fish & Chips, But You Only Have The Fork

Thank you Dukey for the kind handover squire, I was more than delighted with Saturday’s away win at Lincoln.  Some of their supporters’ tweets that were being retweeted by fellow U’s fans were quite a highlight too. According to them we are some small tinpot club. Do they know Carshalton? Or Kingstonian? Still, our form […]

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