Another Take Off Aborted

CONFERENCE SOUTH Att : 540 FARNBOROUGH TOWN – 2   [Sestanovich 61. Charles 78] SUTTON UNITED – 1   [Douglas 59] It’s Saturday blah blah blah, league game, yadda yadda yadda, one win in 16, rhubarb rhubarb rhubarb, playing shit, blah blah blah……you know the drill. Right, that’s that out of the way. Still, today […]

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Yep, False Dawn!

CONFERENCE SOUTH Att : 502 SUTTON UNITED – 0 YEADING – 0 And so it drags on.  Yet another Saturday, yet another depressing waste of 90 minutes. Normally, the visit of a side like Yeading would have us more than likely anticipating 3 points. Especially a Yeading side that has been just as bad as […]

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Corner Turned, Or Another False Dawn?

CONFERENCE SOUTH Att : 536 SUTTON UNITED – 1   [Fear 27] HAVANT & WATERLOOVILLE – 1  [Baptiste 5] Another Saturday, another game. It’s well known that if your manager is fortunate enough to pick up the manager of the month award in your division, he’s usually also fortunate enough to fail to win a […]

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The Definition Of Offside

CONFERENCE SOUTH Att : 322 MAIDENHEAD UNITED – 2   [Hughes 6. Whiteman 56] SUTTON UNITED – 0 Happy new year my arse. 2006 began in much the same vein as 2005 on Saturday with yet another miserable performance from the U’s. And against another relegation threatened side. One without a home win all season […]

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44 Years And Counting

CONFERENCE SOUTH Att : 950 SUTTON UNITED – 1   [OG 43] BOBBINS – 1   [Nwanze 16] Before we start, I’d just like to wish all our readers a Happy New Year. And this is despite the fact that not one of you miserable fuckers out there sent us a card for Gandermonium’s 8th […]

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Wing And A Prayer

CONFERENCE SOUTH Att : 718 WELLING UNITED – 0 SUTTON UNITED – 0 New Years Eve. What a shit day for a football match eh? Well done whoever dreamt that one up! Still, it could’ve been worse. We’ve only got a short run round the M25 to Welling. Some absolute genius decided poor fuckers like […]

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Are Those All The Lights You’ve Got?

CONFERENCE SOUTH Att : 1053 BOBBINS – 0 SUTTON UNITED – 0 My doesn’t time fly.  It only seems like a couple of weeks ago the season got underway and yet here we are, at Xmas already, with virtually half the games played. And Xmas means only one thing. No no, not turkey. Or that […]

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Another Kick In The Thurrocks

THURROCK – 5   [Janney 28. Cross 52. 80. Goddard 68. 89]  SUTTON UNITED – 3   [Akuamouah 18. Gray 87p. 90p] CONFERENCE SOUTH | Att : 276 If by any chance you find yourself confronted by a person or persons in the very near future quizzing you about a game of Non-League football they could […]

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