3-0 & You Fucked It Up!

CONFERENCE SOUTH Att: 223 HAYES & YEADING UNITED – 3  [Scott 6. p25. Knight 33] SUTTON UNITED – 3   [Greene 52. Dundas 73. Haverson 90] You know, I love last minute equalisers. I really do. Probably maybe even just that little bit more than last minute winners. Yes yes, I know you generally get […]

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Two For The Price Of One…

CONFERENCE SOUTH ATTENDANCE : 370 SUTTON UNITED – 1   [McBean 59] HAYES & YEADING UNITED – 2     [Collins 75. Hendry p86] After Saturdays limp performance in some far flung European outpost  called Wales, which was so poor it literally made Mrs C sick (no really! It had nothing to do with the […]

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Good Ol’ Fashioned 1-0 Hammering

CONFERENCE SOUTH Att: 518 SUTTON UNITED – 1  [Quinton 22] HAYES – 0 It’s saturday. And you know what that means. Taz has to go out and buy a new fucking iron, thats what! ‘Cos he broke his old one when he knocked it off the ironing board on Wednesday. Stupid clumsy twat. And I […]

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Men On A Mission(er)…

RYMAN PREMIER DIVISION Att: 368 SUTTON UNITED – 4    [Folwer 7.21. Bailey 9. Boosey 74] HAYES – 1    [Holsgrove 69p] Since the 2 sides met on the opening day of the season, Hayes & Sutton’s fortunes have varied quite a bit. And not quite how we’d have liked! From that first game, we […]

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Tale Of Two Keepers

RYMAN PREMIER DIVISION | Att: 393 HAYES -0  SUTTON UNITED – 0 Ahhhh. It’s good to be back! Well, after what was a somewhat strange summer (it was sunny & we didn’t lose a single friendly!) it’s back to the cut and thrust of the Ryman Premier Division and what better to get the excitement going […]

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