Don’t Lick The Ball

Wow, I really can’t believe that it’s been over nine months since I’ve had to put the twentieth twenty-first century equivalent of pen to paper and write a little missive on the adventures of the Gandermonium Firm and a lil’ known team from the depths of what is now called ‘Elite Football’. Whatever that means, […]

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He Swings, He Misses

Ok, so it was a Bridge Too Far in the end. Everyone knew that it was going to happen to us at some point. But when you’re up against a team that had only sacked their manager during the week, down in the relegation zone and were on the reverse of a 4-0 bumming by […]

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You On Denton Watch?

Hola Senors y Senoritas, bringing a bit of Spanish to you as I missed the last two games whilst being in Mallorca. But this blogger can safely state Mallorca is now well informed about Sutton United and even had some people say I shall will be looking out for our results. One gentleman, named Mike […]

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Chezzy Balls

What’s the best invention ever? It’s subjective isn’t it? Some would go with the wheel, others lager and many wouldn’t give a shit as long as it doesn’t involve a Brexit panel discussion involving the usual parade of know-nothing politicians and fuckwit commentators grifting a living out of something they understand less than my cat. […]

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Loosened Thrupennies

Aah, Chesterfield, the latest in the parade of Football League stalwarts who sink to a shocker of a season in the fourth tier and suddenly find themselves plunged bollock-naked into the choppy and icy waters of the wacky world we like to call the “National League”. I’m not a smug man as you know but […]

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