The Long and Winding Road

The day began with the usual stomp towards the station on a overcast Saturday morning. There was time for me to get some dollar out and grab a can of the old doctor before hitting up the ticket man for a one day travel card (£5.90 with a railcard). To my surprise I was not just met […]

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Poetic Justice, Innit?

M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E Murder Squad! Murder Squad! Today was the day a certain dream ended. And yet another dream continues to flourish as we fast approach the end of another crackin’ season under our lord Dos. This week has the boys have really put a shift in and get six points for their troubles. Even though I’d stated before […]

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Tony Daley’s Gay?

Well, what a shit week that was eh? A rather lame exit from the County Cup, the loss of a well liked member of staff thanks to off the field events caused by utter weapons and then very recent ex-U Michael Boateng being nicked and subsequently charged as part of the match fixing enquiry launched […]

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Where was Timmy’s Mallet?

We’ve been here before…..This place seems familiar…..And I’m not even under the influence once again…. Evening fellow comrades, and welcome to another sobering affair from the Duke. Who’s turn it is to cover another night in Berkshire, Maidenhead were the opposition tonight, and not unlike other visits to York Road (minus the league cup game there a […]

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It’s Bloody Cold – One from the Archives

Having sneaked through to the next round of the FA Trophy on Tuesday with a hard fought 1-0 win at Maidenhead, I’ve been making the most of a day off trawling through the absolute mess that is the old Gandermonium archives to see exactly what we do and don’t have. Not as much as I’d […]

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One of Our Magpies is Missing

Yeah, a 1-0 win will do us fine. Finally, at the third time of trying, we get to play at Maidenhead and for the first time in around 12 years we make it to the second round of the FA Trophy. Thus on a cold Tuesday night at the start of December we descended on […]

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We’re back. And it’s not got any better….

Perfect. Just perfect. We go to all the effort of putting this shit back online and the first game since we went live is fucking postponed. It’s like we’ve never been away!  Proof we’re idiots… Naturally, the postponement was made about an hour after we’d arrived in town and were into our second pint in […]

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