Sunday, 21 July 2013

A Penny for your thoughts....

So it’s back to Juan to cover the third PSF so far. So this time, we are again at home to A.F.C Wimbledon, who sit some 30 places or so above us in the football pyramid. A local bus ride for Wimbledon today, all the way from the ground we love so much, Kingsmeadow. So having played an Arsenal XI, and a Fulham Development Squad within the last 10 days, (if you wish to read about those ones, just scroll down a tad on the homepage) My thoughts are that Wimbledon will be more of sterner test for us, allowing us to see some more of signings made over the summer months...., so let’s have a look and see what happened.

Hello litter pickers!

So today’s starting line-up, well ,as there’s been a few changes in personnel, you’ll just have to bear with me, failing that, just  check out the picture below instead.

Never realised we had such a big squad!

So we start off with a miss placed pass from the centre spot, clearly signs of nerves. Rents and Slabber continue their form of lining up well down the right channel. Faux, again really impressing me, with great movement down the right channel, sending in a low fired cross across the deck, into the box, but no one there to collect.

The first goal scoring opportunity of the first half from the Wombles is ruled offside. With Dundo again surging from the middle of the park, going past two of the Wombles back four, fires a shot from his right boot, that is slightly under powered from the big fella. Sutton starting to loose a little concentration, again allowing Wimbledon to press. Lovelock has to come off his line with pass, due to a miss placed clearance from Downer. Further pressing play from Sutton, Benjamin and Binns linking up together, playing some one touch football, giving Binns, a chance to beat his man, and shoot on the volley from his left boot, which goes over the top of the cross bar. Again, Wimbledon press, and a further goal scoring opportunity is ruled offside once more. A further Wombles lad goes down injured, that’s two we’ve broken in 20 minutes, looks as though we are reducing their current 30 man squad, by the minute.

Action action action!

Sutton again pressing, Ali picking up a ball in the middle of the park, Ali surging forward, slots the ball into the feet of Slabber, slabber pulling back the trigger, ready to fire a shot, is tackled just before contact is made. A great tackle, and well timed, which had to be made. With the ball cleared away for a corner. Rents steps up to swing it in from the left, the ball loops over the box, and Fuseni on the volley strikes the ball over the top. With Wimbledon not happy with the latest Sutton attack, they pull back possession, and their number 16 hits the turbo button, and burns down the right channel, and puts in a through ball, to the feet of Wimbledons big fella up front, but his shot is fired high & wide.

Sunny day.....

A lack of shape and concentration from Sutton, allows a swinging ball from the middle of the park through to the Wimbledon full back out on the left who has all the time and space in the world, to leather it in the direction of lovelock, who has to palm the ball away to safety. With the ball palmed away for Wimbledon corner, the ball is chipped in from the Collingwood side, and the big man up front for Wimbledon completely out jumps Lovelock, and gets his head onto the ball, and dinks it into the back of the net. Lovelock clearly on edge goes onto have a further bad spell for the next 5-10 minutes. Further link up play between, Rents, and Binns down the left flank, and a neat 1-2 pass and movement, allowing Binns to turn past his man, with a step over, puts in a low cross to Binns feet once more, but with Binns under pressure, the ball is cleared away.

Sutton sitting back a little, and not pressing the ball as they should, a big lump number 12 for Wimbledon is given time and space on the ball, smashes the ball off his right favoured boot, and the ball lifts and curls into the back of Lovelocks net. A real nice strike, nothing could have been done to stop that one!

In the 2nd half, before the off, sees a large number of changes for Sutton, a total of 8 (keep up Juan). The first attack is from a surge from Wimbledon along the Stand side, with a shot fired, but palmed away. Sutton still with heads high, press down the right channel in front of the shoebox, Benjamin playing in Williamson, carries the ball down the right, and fires in a shot, without raising his head to look first, the shot goes wide.

Oooooh. Moody!

Comments from the fans in the shoebox,'' is that Leroy''... a joke that seems to be ongoing, that never gets old. Wimbledon again pressing up the park, a further attack ruled offside..again. Sutton now having made the changes at times put together some nice one and two touch football, and with Harry Beauts being tackled late, just outside the box. In a similar position where the Arsenal XI scored a perfectly placed free kick, a few days back! Harry B steps up, and strikes the ball cleanly, and the Wombles keeper stretches to his left, having seen the ball the late, palms the ball away for a corner.

Wimbledon press again down the Collingwood side, the new Sutton man in between the posts, comes steaming off his line to tack the ball from the Wombles man up front, the keeper does so, but fails to keep hold of the ball, and fumbles it, and the Wimbledon left winger picks up the ball, and places it across the box, which is easily tucked away. It would seem we’ve stepped right off the gas here, and with heads now clearly down, we go onto concede again from a surge in the Wimbledon attack, and failure to mark your man.

Defend defend defend!

So it ends Sutton 0- Wimbledon 4.

Post match.

So seeing as we are at home, it would be a little rude not to hit the S.U.F.C members bar for a couple of Bulmers. Seeing as I said to Duke, I’ll join you for a few fella, but I need to shoot off around seven, got a few bits to do mate! Having informed Duke of the depressing news, well this was like showing a red rag to a bull. So did I leave at 7 pm I hear you ask? Well what do you think...I wish I had now, the feeling that my head is giving me right now, can only be described as awful, anyway enough pitiful stuff, back to the drinking shenanigans. So knocking back the Bulmers with ease, the typical stuff we talk about in a public venue starts to occur. The things we talk about at times really shouldn’t happen, but hey that’s beer for you. So, drinking tonight we have Mr X, The Greek, The Duke, Chalmers, and me. Greek, and Chalmers both having permission from ‘er in doors, or she who must be obeyed. Well, they’ve both got a few hours to roam, and 
drink, so that’s what we did.

Greek, when buying a round of drinks for the boys, decided to order the standard Original Bulmers. But the bar keep piped up, and mentioned ,’’do you know there’s other flavours, and I’ve never tried them’’ so Greek in his wisdom decided to buy every Bulmers flavour going, kept in the cooler. To which the bar keep, had a rather enjoyable taste testing exercise, to the sum of £26 odd quid.-Greek sold down the river... More Bulmers flow, time to steer away from the drink for a few minutes, and participate in one of those social events, for a smoke. Heading for the direction of the car park, I feel a waft of air coming towards my right ear, followed by a cracking sound as Dukes hand full force slaps my ear, leaving me with a high pitched ringing sound, and partially deaf in my right ear. To which I turn round, and see Greek looking rather smug with himself. Followed by the usual "wasn’t me" Greek get out clause. "It was Duke..." ..."yes Greek it was Duke’s hand but it was your full on force". I’ll get you back Greek. Back to the social smoke break, and Starnsy joins in a partakes –which I bet he know fully regrets, as Duke pipes up, and without any embarrassment starts to ask Starnsy why he has never bought him a drink!  

Adults? Don't make me laugh....

Starnsys prompt reply, well Duke; you’ve never asked...BIG MISTAKE Starnsy, big mistake. We return to the bar, a quick peep round into the Vice Presidents Lounge, and who’s standing at the Bar, Starnsy himself. Once clocked by Greek, and the Duke, shouts of STARNSY, STARNSY, STARNSY bellow from the members bar, across into the V.P Bar. Starnsy under pressure, he folds and buys us a round of Bulmers-cheers Starnsy!

Now, Greek, having deafened me for the last 30 minutes or so, I decide now is good time to carry out the returned favour. Greek leaning on the bar, I pull a Gandermonium sticker from my wallet and with sticker in hand, and as much force, face palm the sticker to Greeks forehead as a permanent feature. Greeks instant response, "is it stuck" and with that, again apply the same force, with a secondary face palm. Leaving Greek, somewhat confused for a couple of seconds, but Greek re finds himself a few moments later, when his eyes are back on his prize, the Crabbies in his glass, purchased just a few moments earlier.

More drinks flow, until it’s time for us to get thrown out of the Club Bar ....again! So the Duke of Sutton and Mr X head off to The Plough once more, this time they may get offered some good gear, once more. Clearly Duke must look like an International Drug User: having been offered Drugs in Portugal, and now back in Cheam. 

Maybe it’s just the way he looks. Anyways so the two amigos headed off to The Plough. I on the other hand, headed off home in Penny the bar keeps motor. Clearly she had seen the volume of booze consumed and was kind enough to offer me a lift, hence the title of this update, a Penny for your thoughts.....

Right that’s it for this week folks. Duke is back covering the Tuesday night home P.S.F fixture against Chelsea. So keep a watchful eye out for his latest instalment of football, beer and bollocks.

That’s all from the one they call Juan.

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  1. As always, thanks Sutton for your hospitality. Good luck for next season.

    Meadow AFCW