Ross The Boss

NATIONWIDE CONFERENCE Att: 1527 KINGSTONAIN – 4  [Wingfield 5, 87 Crossley 47, Leworthy 85] SUTTON UNITED – 2   [Winston 3, 30] So another saturday afternoon and another defeat. This time though, we’re really in the shit. Results elsewhere saw FGR out of the bottom 3 for the first time this season, Welling off the […]

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Can We Play You Every Week?

FA TROPHY 4th ROUND Att: 711 SUTTON UNITED – 3   [Brooker 25, Newhouse 41, Winston 62] FOREST GREEN ROVERS – 0 Away from the trials and tribulations of the league campaign and back to the dreams of an appearance at Wembley in the FA Trophy. The pre-game cuppa behind the shoebox is interspersed with […]

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A Lack Of Bite

NATIONWIDE CONFERENCE Att: 850 SUTTON UNITED – 1     [Hutchinson 58] SOUTHPORT – 1    [Pell 47] OK, the honeymoons over. Let’s take the rose tinted specs off and start facing facts. We are staring relegation in the face. Simple. Another game we HAD to win has slipped by, leaving us further in the […]

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Same Shit, Different Game

NATIONWIDE CONFERENCE Att: 2818 KIDDERMINSTER HARRIERS – 1  [Fluked It 51] SUTTON UNITED – 0     So after the shit sandwich dished up by the U’s on Wednesday night, we were looking for a 1000% improvement to simply prevent a bloody good hiding at Nationwide Conference leaders, Kidderminster. The performance was indeed an improvement, […]

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Treasure Island It Ain’t!

FA TROPHY 3rd ROUND Att: 719 SUTTON UNITED – 1   [Winston 4] CANVEY ISLAND – 0 After the U’s recent disappointing Conference form, I think it’s fair to say we weren’t exactly chuffed to be paired with Ryman Premier side Canvey in the Trophy. Currently sitting in the top 6 of our former home and […]

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Penalty Pain in Full (Belle) Vue

NATIONWIDE CONFERENCE |  Att: 2447 DONCASTER ROVERS – 1   [Kirkwood 23]   SUTTON UNITED – 0      Sutton’s miserable recent form contiuned on Saturday with a disappointing 1-0 defeat at Doncaster’s Belle Vue ground. This away game was a tadge different for your correspondent as I hadn’t had to endure the normal early start & marathon […]

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This Is The Ball, This Is The Net

NATIONWIDE CONFERENCE Att: 1014 HAYES – 1  [Charles 67] SUTTON UNITED – 0 Yet again, Sutton United’s ability to completely ruin my Christmas has done it’s stuff. Another abject 1-0 away defeat to a frankly average side and we miss a shitload of chances. I really should’nt need to say who’s responsible, ‘cos all U’s […]

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Brummies Blag Points

NATIONWIDE CONFERENCE Att: 749 SUTTON UNITED – 1   [Skelly 66] NUNEATON BOROUGH – 2   [Ware 43, 84] Our visit to Nuneaton earlier in the season had produced little for us. The local Firkin had closed permanently and after dominating the first 20 minutes, Dacky got himself sent off and we got beat. So […]

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Residents Only Parking!

NATIONWIDE CONFERENCE Att: 586 FOREST GREEN ROVERS – 1   [Drysdale p24] SUTTON UNITED – 2     [Watson 21, Newhouse 34] Well, I don’t like to say it, but I bloody hate the part of the world that is commonly known as the ‘South West’. It’s a sodding nightmare. I mean, first time we […]

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