County Cup Discarded


Att: 110

CROYDON – 2     [Bloke 80, Geezer 86]

SUTTON UNITED – 0                                                       

Typical, just when you think that Sutton’s recent bollocks form couldn’t possibly get any worse. The lads just go and prove us wrong!

Frankly this first game in our defence of the County Cup we won last season was an utter disgrace. I truly hope that the small amount of cash we do pay our players was witheld after a performance that to be honest, confirmed many of our fears that we’re simply heading straight back for the Ryman Premier.

Ok ok, I know we choose to stand freezing our arses off watching the team, but I reckon we deserve to be at least warned in advance when the side are going to turn up and simply not bother. When the fixture was originally announced, we were told it was at Croydon Athletic. Most of the assembled U’s fans wished they HAD gone to the other Croydon’s ground in Thornton Heath, rather than the Arena.

To be honest, to create not ONE SINGLE CHANCE against a side 2 divisions below you is a fucking joke. We didn’t tackle, couldn’t pass and just simply appeared to not really give a shit. No offence, but Croydon were’nt actually brilliant themselves, but their offside trap caught Watson and Newhouse out almost EVERY time.

Both the home sides goals came in the last 10 minutes. One would have been enough, but 2 flattered ‘em. The first was from a corner. Andy Little came to punch clear, didn’t get a great contact on the ball and it drops to a Croydon midfielder around 20 yards out. Matey takes a touch and knocks it into the top far corner. We start heading for the exit. At least the home side had managed to get the goal in normal time, rather than put us through a further 30 minutes of total drivel.

The second goal came about 3-4 minutes from time. Another ball into our box just isn’t cleared and falls to their No 8 on the edge of the box. He duly thumps it straight in under the bar. Game Over.

Really the only thing this joke of a performance showed us, is that the only way we’ll avoid relegation is by another Barrow type situation arising. Which is pretty unlikely.

Crap performances I’ll take. Ones where the side plainly could’nt give a fuck are unforgivable.


MAN OF THE MATCH : You’re kidding right???

PERFORMANCE : 0. The worst yet in a season rapidly going to ratshit.

TEAM : Little. The rest may as well have not bothered showing up.

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