The Wrong Sutton

Even in this day and age, it’s still a widely held belief that ‘JC’ saves all who will receive his gift of salvation and those who fully trust in his sacrifice alone as the payment for sin. Which is all well and good if you’re into all that theological babble, but seeing as it’s not really […]

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The Price of Success

Ah Leeds, one of the final bastions of virgin territory that has yet to see the Gandermonium boys inflict their trademark idiocy upon it. Well, virgin territory is a bit of a lie as several of the Firm have already sampled the place that invented Jelly Tots in the past. Oh yeah, full of information […]

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A Blessing In Dis-Guiseley…

Having had a somewhat hectic start to our Conference return, I was finally forced to accept financial defeat and give Eastleigh away a big old empty wallet style swerve. Not that I was that upset, mostly as it’s a place where our record is almost Hornchurch-esque and we rarely even score let alone get 3 […]

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