We Love Paul Whitmarsh we do

RYMAN PREMIER DIVISION Att: 902 SUTTON UNITED – 3  [Whitmarsh 15.54. Harlow 44] BOBBINS – 1  [Fowler p31] Wahey!!!  The U’s finally decide to win a match in 2001 with yours truly present. And what a game to win, once again cementing our place as the number 1 team in the borough by sending the […]

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Merry Christmas. Just About!

RYMAN PREMIER DIVISION Att: 1064 BOBBINS – 0       SUTTON UNITED – 1  [Thompson 30] Well, here it is. The big one. The game that muggins here always seems to have to travel approx 200 miles to witness, only to usually see an pretty crap game of ‘football’. Was this year to be […]

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Can You Hear a Robin Sing?

SURREY SENIOR CUP FINAL Sutton United – 3    [Akrour 25, Harlow 44, S.Watson 80] Carshalton – 0 Played @ Metropolitan Police FC The answer to the title is of course a resounding ‘No’, just in case you were wondering. You weren’t? Oh ok then. So, Sutton swept to their 3rd Surrey Senior Cup Final […]

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Revenge Is Oh So Sweet

RYMAN PREMIER DIVISION Att: 1800 Sutton United – 3    [Winston 21, Harford 47, Akrour  67] BOBBINS!! – 0 GET IN THERE!! Cop that you scummy common garden birdie filth. Why don’t you migrate to the warmer and friendlier climes of the Ryman First Division like all the other birdie based crap eh? Ahem! Sorry […]

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Festive Fluster…

RYMAN PREMIER DIVISION | Att: 1200 Carshalton Athletic – 1  [Battams  40] Sutton United – 0 God, I swear if I ever see another game of ‘football’ as bad as this, I think I’ll take up golf or something (I use the phrase football, but my solicitors are currently looking into this with regard to a […]

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You Thought You Had Won…

SURREY SENIOR CUP FINAL  Att: Sutton United – 3  [Watson 89.93. Feltham 91] Carshalton Athletic – 1  [Dack 78] Played @ Woking FC I and most U’s fans probably remember this as the greatest of all the times we’ve captured the county cup, certainly since the early 80’s. The second time in three seasons the […]

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It’s Not Wembley, But It’ll Do…

SURREY SENIOR CUP FINAL | Att: CARSHALTON ATHLETIC – 1   [Bowyer 88] SUTTON UNITED – 2  [Golley 36. Thomas 68] Played @ Gander Green Lane, Sutton. Despite a long rivalry, this was the first time the borough’s 2 teams had actually contested the Surrey Cup Final and it completed a pretty good season for both […]

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