Steady Eddie!

SURREY SENIOR CUP SEMI FINAL Att:  Sutton United – 6  [OG 2], [Arkour], [Watson], [Riley p], [Salako] Woking – 0 Sutton’s recent good form further continued as they reached the Surrey Senior Cup Final after an amazingly tense, close nerve tingler of a match against…….Oh stop laughing at the back….Ok, Ok we murdered ‘em. Try […]

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Beavers Dam-busted

RYMAN PREMIER DIVISION Att : 380 Hampton – 0  Sutton United – 3  [Laker 28], [M.Watson [74] [82] Sutton’s recent decent form continued on Saturday with another 3 points gained at the expense of a Beavers side struggling at the foot of the Ryman Premier. Again as with Slough last week, the U’s had to […]

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Too Cold, Too Far & Too Flu

SURREY SENIOR CUP QUARTER FINAL Att : 78 Ashford Town (Middx) – 1  [McDonald 45] Sutton United – 2  [Arkour 18],  [S.Watson 36] I didn’t attend this one as it’s a bit of a bastard to get to (what with it being in Middlesex and all), I had the flu & it was fucking freezing. […]

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Opening Day Fiasco Avenged

RYMAN PREMIER DIVISION Att : 585 Slough Town – 1 [Hammet 85] Sutton United – 2  [M.Watson [17] [50] Sutton finally gained revenge for that awful opening day defeat at home by a Slough side which had been put together much like a hungover Sunday outfit. Eg. At about an hour’s notice. Again though, they […]

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Sutton Stumble

RYMAN PREMIER DIVISION Att : 924 Sutton United – 2  [Brooker 53], [Riley p65] St Albans City – 3 [Gentle 24], [Clark p44], [Haworth 82] Sutton’s title challenge took another dent with their second home defeat against fellow challengers this season Again as with previous displays against Carshalton and Weymouth, passion was the deciding factor, […]

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Cones, Trolleys, Beer & Crap Football

FA TROPHY 3rd ROUND Att:  Weymouth – 1    [West 55] Sutton United – 0 Yawn. Another trip to the South West results in our Wembley dreams ending for another season thanks to a less than memorable game with the U’s on the wrong end of the scoreline despite having had their fair share of […]

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The Dack is Back…

RYMAN PREMIER DIVISION – Sat 2nd Jan 1999 – Att : 995 Sutton United – 3  [Brooker 50], [Salako 74], [M.Watson 77] Dagenham & Redbridge – 1  [Cobb 5] Good news! Our intrepid heroes managed to return to winning ways after the bank holiday debacle at…..well, you know where, with an, in the end, resounding win over […]

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Festive Fluster…

RYMAN PREMIER DIVISION | Att: 1200 Carshalton Athletic – 1  [Battams  40] Sutton United – 0 God, I swear if I ever see another game of ‘football’ as bad as this, I think I’ll take up golf or something (I use the phrase football, but my solicitors are currently looking into this with regard to a […]

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You Thought You Had Won…

SURREY SENIOR CUP FINAL  Att: Sutton United – 3  [Watson 89.93. Feltham 91] Carshalton Athletic – 1  [Dack 78] Played @ Woking FC I and most U’s fans probably remember this as the greatest of all the times we’ve captured the county cup, certainly since the early 80’s. The second time in three seasons the […]

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It’s Not Wembley, But It’ll Do…

SURREY SENIOR CUP FINAL | Att: CARSHALTON ATHLETIC – 1   [Bowyer 88] SUTTON UNITED – 2  [Golley 36. Thomas 68] Played @ Gander Green Lane, Sutton. Despite a long rivalry, this was the first time the borough’s 2 teams had actually contested the Surrey Cup Final and it completed a pretty good season for both […]

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