Thursday, 20 July 2017

Dart Bored

So, to friendly number three. And so far, it could be said the pre-season campaign has not gone entirely well. Certainly from a spectating perspective anyway. Two 1-0 defeats, with shots on goal from either side being at a premium and a steadily mounting injury list to keep Bobby & Cat busy. Still, we're not the sort of people to let such hardships deflect us from the duty at hand, that of blathering on about shit pointless fixtures in July. We're made of sterner stuff. And you're very welcome.

Sunday, 16 July 2017

The Walter Pigeon Club

Can you believe that this was going to be the tenth time that we have entertained the boys from Hemel? Oh yes my children, it was just a mere three and a half years ago that we arrived in Hertfordshire for an FA Cup tie that was to be the first time that our two teams had actually met. And now it seems like that we can't get away from them, even after getting promoted.

Monday, 10 July 2017

Blue Skies

So, it's (unusually) sunny out, the humid UK summer air echoes to the crack of leather on willow and some lasses grunting their way through a tough point at Wimbledon. Which can only mean one thing, that it's time to put down your tennis bats and your crickety sticks and get your moulded's out. We're back. It's time for the football season to start!

Friday, 30 June 2017

Gandermonium Film Review - 'Goal!'

Can you believe I'm actually doing another film review for this bleedin' blog? Well I say 'doing' as most of this was actually written back in the old Conf South days. Now some might say that this is a sign that the boredom of life without Sutton is starting to kick in, but I'll say to those people, that in fact, I was doing really important things that can only be seen as trying to improve society as we know it. Like attempting to find out how the classic Japanese game show, "Hand Job Karaoke", benefits us all. However, that one could take a serious amount of research...

Thursday, 25 May 2017

2016/2017 Season Review - Part 3

So. as the season enters its final third we're finally able to relax and enjoy the run in with Conference safety assured. Like bollocks we can! We're in the last 16 of the FA Cup and have Arsenal at home, we still need points to be sure of National League football next season and Totts song is still doing the rounds! It's like a fucking madhouse round here. So, dive in dear reader and enjoy the drama and the chaos that was February to April in the last part of this Gandermonium Season Review...

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Cold Turkey

Oh come on, you know us. We might give it all the "Thank fuck that's over" and talk about putting our feet up as soon as the season ends, but when you finish mid-table like us this year, there's always loads of post-season malarkey going on to tempt you into just going to one more game. Just one more. A bit like Mr Creosote and that one tiny little 'wahfuh theen meent'. Can't hurt.

Then we'll definitely put our feet up. Honest.

Saturday, 20 May 2017

2016/2017 Season Review - Part 2

In Part 1, we got our first Conference Season underway in 16 years, were briefly the 95th best team in England, got the impression we were largely going to be getting sod all away from home and also knocked the best team in the draw out of the FA Cup. So, not at all bad really. Now, it gets a bit wordy from here on in. so we'd suggest a cuppa and at least 2 digestives for this part.

To Dartford. And the FA Cup!

Friday, 12 May 2017

2016/2017 Season Review - Part 1

So here we are again. Another year, another season. Done. And whilst that means time for most of you to book a week somewhere sunny and the lads to go off and let their hair down, eating shit food and doing too many Jagerbombs, for us here at Gandermonium there's still work to be done. Mainly summarising all the shit we just watched for 9 months.

So, get a Jager down you, suck up that kebab and get your feet up as we relive our first season back at National Level for 16 years. Shouldn't take long, it's not like much happened after all....

Monday, 1 May 2017

Eh Up! Let's Sup!

Aaaand we are done. Finished. Complete. Concluded. Finito. This is now officially an ex-season. Deceased. Gawn to meet it's maker. It it not merely resting, but pushing up daisies. And what a funny old 9 months it's been to get here.

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Hairy Chesters

Don't worry, we're nearly there now. It won't be long before we can all take a break from the ups and downs of yet another Sutton United season and just turn our heads to other pursuits. I don't know, something like watching cricket? Or maybe taking the wife to B&Q on a Saturday? Or even reorganise your DVD collection based on the studio that released it instead of a highly complicated system that is so complex, to even explain it in this blog would be fruitless. But I'll try anyway. I call it "Alphabetical".