Thursday, 20 September 2018

Red Light Spells Danger

Bloody Boreham Wood. What is it about those fellas from Hertfordshire that causes grown, supposedly semi-professional footballers to revert to a type of teenage mentality compromising about as much use as an Iranian gin salesman. Plus it's also not the first time that Sutton have put up about as much fight as a French Army Division. Oh no...

Adelante Alicante! - Football Abroad

The history of football in Alicante is bound up with the legacy of the Spanish Civil War. This was the last city to fall to Franco and the walls and unmarked graves are pocked with the bullet holes and full of the corpses of the tens of thousands tortured, starved and killed as Falangist reprisals let rip in the days and years after 1939.

Sunday, 16 September 2018

Ten Bob Pimp

I'm not a fan of clubs merging.  It all started going wrong when Corinthians merged with The Casuals for me and it's been down hill ever since.  I mean, even that bird on Countdown who does all the really hard sums hasn't got a clue how many thousands of Essex clubs eventually ended up in the Dagenham and Redbridge melting pot and don't even get me started on all that fucking nonsense at Gravesend.  What goes on down there doesn't concern me at all.

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Made from Gur-durs!

Did you hear the one about English 5th Tier teams being invited to play in the Scottish Challenge Cup this season? Hey, what are you laughing at? What, do we amuse you? This isn't some sort of silly joke, this is serious! No, you fuck off. Right that's it sunshine, fucking outside now!

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Ruttin' in the Alley

This is a bit suss ain't it? Playing a third re-formed, ex-league club in a row? And yes, before you all start writing in with your letters, telegrams or Carrier Pigeons, I know that Airdrie is also a re-formed club as well. But still, is there a connection really, or am I just trying to create some sort of nonsensical story arc in order to flesh out the blog a bit? Hmmm...

Sunday, 2 September 2018

Flat Batteries

Now, normally for these things we'd fill in this part with some sort of pre-amble bollocks that has a vague connection to what then follows. Well, sometimes at least. It's mostly just rambling rubbish designed to pad the piece out and make us look like we've put some thought or genuine effort into it all. Well, this week, I have confession to make. I got nothing. Zero. Nada. Not a Sausage. Yeah, sorry about that.

Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Discuss or Disgust?

Oh the August Bank Holiday weekend. A good old excuse for non-league football to squeeze in two games in close proximity. And after a goalless draw against 'Flid' plus a heavy Saturday night to follow, it was time to head down to the Wilds of Hampshire take on another phoenix of a former league team in Aldershot. Or Aldershot Town as they're called these days.

Sunday, 26 August 2018

Cretins to Cribbins

I am sure many (or at least some of) our readers will know that it’s just the two weeks before the mighty Sutton United and its many splinter fan groups will be travelling north to Scotland for the Irn Bru Cup tie against Airdrie via whatever means of transport they can find. It has also been discovered Premier Inn’s finest in Argyle Street, Glasgow will also be housing a number of the invading U's. Party in the lobby anyone with haggis and Tennents Special Brew with some Buckfast chasers anyone?

Monday, 20 August 2018

The Circle of Life

It’s been an eventful week at Gandermonium Towers. No sooner had we returned from the wastelands of Gravesend & Northfleet Ebbsfleet with three hard-earned points, attention turned to the start of our forthcoming European tour. Yes, this is still a thing, the Scottish FA haven’t recovered their senses and backed out of the whole shebang, Sutton United are still participating in this year’s Scottish Challenge Cup (which we are contractually obliged to call the Irn-Bru Cup), and Thursday saw the draw take place live on the SPFL’s Facebook page. Modern life, eh?

Thursday, 16 August 2018

Fleeting Popularity

Popularity. It can be a fleeting experience. Or so I'm told. Being ginger and a non-league football fan, I of course wouldn't have a fucking clue about such things but I am at least well advised by people who are experienced in such matters. It's also a feeling our beloved U's have come to know somewhat over the last couple of years.