Romanes Eunt Domu

The end of a football season is always a funny time. You’re either up there and still have something to play for, in the shit and scrambling to avoid the trapdoor or somewhere in the middle with nowt to play for and just bumbling along a bit bored and hoping next season will be better. […]

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Cobbled Together

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I can’t stand doing these midweek home entries right after another home game. No one bloody reads them anyway and with good reason as there’s rarely anything worth spouting bollocks about barely 72hrs after you’ve just summed up a week with the best you can muster. […]

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Light Brigade

With Easter games against Stockport and Bradford having yielded no points and our hoped for Play Off charge ending much like that one the Light Brigade are fairly well known for (and judging by our latest injury list, just as many casualties), we’ve now entered the home straight of the season with little to really […]

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Disembowelled Teddy

Happy Easter folks. I hope you’re all stuffed to the gills with Creme Eggs and feeling wonderfully nauseous on this fine long weekend. And thank you for joining us for the second part of our own little Easter fable as the U’s head to Bradford hoping for some resurrection stuff to take place after we […]

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Hats Off

After last week’s binning off of two vital points up at Walsall, I think it’s fair to say that most of us have largely accepted that the play offs will once more be Sutton-less this season and have started turning our thoughts towards the end of the season, holidays and not having to get up […]

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April Fools. Again.

The first day of April. A day that many people, even in this modern day & age, still find amusing in some way as myriad brands try to make themselves look less like the soulless money grabbing behemoths they truly are by putting out some lame ‘April Fools’ cobblers on their social media feeds, the […]

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Fought the Law

Guess who’s back, back again. The Duke is back, tell a friend. Hello sports fans. It is me back once again to spin you a yarn about that once loved yet now ridiculed competition that is the Surrey Senior Cup. And who would’ve thought that we would be at the quarter finals stages this year […]

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Mobility Scooter Dealership

Please don’t hate me mama for what I’m about to do, But the good times we’ve had together are just about now through. Please don’t misunderstand me, I hate to see you cry but I think that it might look better if I told you now goodbye. I’m back on the road again, it’s time […]

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What Else You Gonna Do?

As a result of our scheduled opponents from the Humber managing to get through to the FA Cup sixth Round and our home league match being brought forward four days to accommodate them visiting the Sussex Coast we were without a match. Stay at home and do those chores that have been put off for […]

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Bigger & Better Things

Yeah, I think it’s fair to say Saturday’s jaunt to middle earth had a good few people questioning their sanity come Sunday. Probably looking up reasonably priced therapists as well. And that’s after one we didn’t lose! But, that’s the game. We know the risks we run, to mind, body as well as wallet. But […]

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