Just Wasn’t Jamie’s Day

What the fuck? We actually won a game! Get in there my son! There be dancing in the streets of Raith tonight. It goes to show how much a win can lift your spirits. Of course that totally buggered up the start of my blog and I nearly had to re-write it entirely. Taz will […]

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One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

A woman sends her clothing to the dry cleaners. When it comes back, there are still stains in her panties. The next week she encloses a note to the cleaner: ‘Use more soap on panties’. This goes on for several weeks, with the woman sending the same note to the dry cleaners. Finally the cleaner […]

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An Estate Agent’s Mocha Suit

Getting the nod to knock out my first home match report for Gandermonium was a proud moment as you would expect and required some proper and professional preparation and so I went out on an all day leaving do bender in Central London on Friday and woke up Saturday morning hanging by the slenderest of […]

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All in a Days Drinking

Well here we are a couple of days before the birth of Christ and we are due to head into the wilderness that is known as North Kent to play the failed experiment of MyFootballClub that is Gravesend & Northfleet Ebbsfleet. The text had gone round from our illustrious Editor-in-Chief that the plan of action […]

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