Please leave a message after the tone….

As you may have read, one of our esteemed contributors Dukey forced us to stick around in gorgeous Staines on saturday after the dopey sod left his mobile phone in the cab from the ground to the pub. Once aware of his little faux pas, he of course then used Juan’s phone to leave himself a rather fruity voice mail to remind him not to do it again. As you do.

Having recovered his phone so we could get the feck out of Staines, he played it back for us on the train back into town. Here’s the result…..

Stupidity. It’s what we do best.

Be advised, because we’re dreadful potty mouths there are naughty words used in this clip. So send the kids to bed now, or at least wait until after the watershed. 

One thought on “Please leave a message after the tone….

  1. That's why Dukey got his phone back…the cab driver listened to his voicemails!! Ha ha ha ha…Oh duke!! That voicemail messge cost you £5 quid in a taxi fare back from Heathrow!

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