Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Cones, Beer, Trollies & Crap Football - One from the archives

Well, this is fun. We start the site up just in time for some typically seasonal weather to leave us sat twiddling our thumbs without any football to talk cack about.

The pitch inspection at Maidenhead this evening......probably.

So, there's nothing else for it. I'll have to break out one of the myriad of old reports I've got gathering dust to bore the shit out of you keep you amused.

Topically, I've managed to dig out Gandermonium's first EVER FA Trophy report from the very first incarnation of the site. It covers our 3rd Round trip down to Weymouth in 1999 (in what turned out to be a Isthmian title winning season no less) and the wonderful time a minibus of drunken knobheads had at a place where we usually get sod all.....

Sunday, 25 November 2012

The start of something...

Since yesterdays FA Trophy game was cancelled at Maidenhead. I thought it was about time to start the first of many Blogs to come (Thanks to Taz for setting this up).

Gandermonium is now the phoenix from the flames!

Due to yesterdays game being cancelled, I thought I would bore you all with a little history lesson, on how I found the club, and enlighten you with my passion and addiction for Sutton. So sit back, drink your tea, and try to stay focused...here we go.

Saturday, 24 November 2012

We're back. And it's not got any better....

Perfect. Just perfect. We go to all the effort of putting this shit back online and the first game since we went live is fucking postponed. It's like we've never been away!