April Fools. Again.

The first day of April. A day that many people, even in this modern day & age, still find amusing in some way as myriad brands try to make themselves look less like the soulless money grabbing behemoths they truly are by putting out some lame ‘April Fools’ cobblers on their social media feeds, the […]

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Kinky Mascot

Following the little run of bad results lately, the lads have dug in despite numerous injuries and managed to put a bit more lead back in our collective pencil with a couple of wins this week. First we nabbed our first and long overdue away win of the season at AFC Wimbledon with a 1-0 […]

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Cold Chicken Nuggets

Ah football. As a sport it can be a funny sort sometimes, giving you the most incredible highs one day and then giving you the cold shoulder and leaving you wondering why you bother at all the very next. This week’s been a good example to be honest, a good home league win followed up […]

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Saddler Sore

One of the things about finding ourselves in League 2 is all the new clubs we get to encounter. And in turn realise that we know absolutely bugger all about. Take today’s oppo Walsall for example. Heard of ’em? Absolutely. Football League club innit! Couldn’t tell you anything about the place though other than the […]

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