Hats Off

After last week’s binning off of two vital points up at Walsall, I think it’s fair to say that most of us have largely accepted that the play offs will once more be Sutton-less this season and have started turning our thoughts towards the end of the season, holidays and not having to get up […]

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Time Wasting

It’s been a funny old season so far with the campaign already turning into a bit of a slog as the injuries pile up and the points tally fails to set pulses racing. Usually, we can put most of this to one side and concentrate on the travelling and getting boozed side of things, but […]

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Sixty in Stockport

There are good and bad times to reach a ‘significant’ birthday. Those of my schoolmates whose birthdays fall in balmy April, for example, will have been ‘celebrating’ their 60ths in a virus-induced lockdown. And, for once this year, I’m really quite glad that mine falls in bleak mid-January, as I was able to mark the […]

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Public Liability Premiums

It’s been a funny couple of weeks. Having finally emerged blinking into the light from the National League’s somewhat taxing Christmas Fixtures schedule, which is a bit like Non-League’s answer to the Royal Rumble where the games come at you thicker and faster than artics at a fox that’s strayed into the middle lane of […]

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Do Anything You Wanna Do

Now that autumn is rolling in, the leaves are falling from the trees and me and Mrs Totts are engaged in our annual “Battle of the Boiler” as to when it’s appropriate to turn the heating on it seems only right that we should be entertaining a solid, meat, spuds, sticky pudding and woolly jumpers […]

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