A Brief Flash Of Optimism…Oh

RYMAN FULL MEMBERS CUP 3rd ROUND Att: 110 UXBRIDGE – 2  [Tunnel 5. Clarke 79] SUTTON UNITED – 0   Silly me. Got carried away there for a moment. We go and sign a good solid striker in Rob Haworth to partner Whitmarsh up front and I’m off thinking we can actually start winning games […]

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FULL Members Remember!

RYMAN FULL MEMBERS CUP 2nd ROUND Att: 194 SUTTON UNITED – 2  [Bolt 50.70] CROYDON – 2  [Unknown 35. Garland 72] After Extra-Time. Sutton win 4-3 on penalties. Oh bugger it. I had to open my big gob didn’t I? I comment on never having reported on a penalty shoot out for the site. Obligingly, […]

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