Us Score? You Gotta Be Kidd(y)ing Me!


Att: 579


KIDDERMINSTER HARRIERS – 3   [Barnett 10, Marsh 31, Hadley 83]

Well, lets face it, are the U’s actually going to manage just ONE more goal for us long suffering fans this season or are they just gonna bale out on the season and leave us waiting all over the summer for the next chance to celebrate a U’s strike?

Personally, my money’s on sometime in late July in a shite friendly with Whyteleafe or someone!

Tonight saw the visit of the recently installed Nationwide Conference champions. They’d collected the pot on Monday after a 3-3 draw with FGR and apparently they’d brought it with ‘em. Probably still in the boot of the Chairmans Jag or summat!!!

On my way into GGL I spotted Nko warming up by the perimeter fence and decided to ask him exactly why the incompetent twat masquerading as a ref had dismissed him on Monday. Apparently, Mr Ross issued the second caution for Nko ‘pushing’ him. Considering that Nko was heading AWAY from the area and Ross ran 20 yards to intercept the big man, I can believe his explanation that Ross RAN INTO him. Not only that, but this fucking arse tried to cover this up by telling Nko “Don’t push me, or you’re off”. When Nko enquired “Eh Ref?”, the wanker apparently said “Right! You pushed me, you’re going for that!” Understandably Nko lost his rag and was going to ‘Di Canio’ him (Again, Nko’s words) until the Dover ‘Keeper grabbed him.

Thankfully the U’s management have loged and official complaint about Mr Ross’ handling of Sutton games this season, which when you consider he’s dismissed 3 U’s players for knob all, is a bit understandable.

Another interesting point is the exclusion of Dave Harlow from the starting line up. Well, well, about 4 months too late if you ask me.

The U’s start brightly and force a few corners but these are wasted. A few minutes later and the Champs are in front. More statuesque defending from Berry and a Kiddy player skips down the byeline and pulls the ball back for Barnett to slot home from 10 yards. Naturally Berry stands staring at the lino with his arms outstretched with an anguished look on his face. For fucks sake Gwynne, the officials are’nt brilliant, but you can’t expect to blame them EVERY time you play the attacker onside!!

Sutton have a couple of opportunities to level the scores not long after going behind. The impressive Hutchinson creates an overlap for Rowlands on the nearside, but he hurries his shot and it’s a good 2 foot over the bar. Hutchinson again is the instigator, creating space for Newhouse on the edge of the box. But the big forwards shot it just wide of the post when he really should have hit the target. That duck ain’t gonna be broken!

Kiddy then extend their lead with an absolute corker. Ex-Liverpool man, Mike Marsh sends a corner in from the far side but it’s cleared straight back to him. From a very tight angle he proceeds to spank a first time volley low past Howells, dead into the bottom corner. Even we on the shoebox applaud a strike we could only dream of our team producing.

The second half begins with a double substitution for the U’s. Brodrick and Forrester appear. This does’nt do much to lift the contest as Kiddy look like adding to their tally whenever they damn well please! Marsh sees a delicate chip from the edge of the box tipped over by Howells and another visiting forward sees his acrobatic volley come back off the far post and into the arms of a grateful Howells.

Our own attacks are limited. The best opportunity falls to Forrester after a good run by Watson. He plays the ball to the unmarked youngster just 6 or 7 yards out. But rather than strike it first time, Scotty takes a touch and scuffs the shot against the shins of a recovering defender.

Howells then has to be off his line smartly soon after to save at the feet of an advancing forward. Then with a little under 10 minutes to go, Sammy sends a low cross in from the left. Nko gets a slight touch at the near post, Forrester misses out at the back post and Watson sends his attempted return cross from the opposite side into the side netting. Seconds later and it’s 3-0. A quick counter from the goal kick and Hadley is set free in the box by one of the Kiddy subs. He calmly draws Howells out and slots past our once more exposed ‘keeper.

 So, we’re not looking like a relegated side, MUCH!! No goals in 5 games now and 6 league defeats on the spin. Some fight and some bloody pride would be appreciated lads.

As would at least some slight recognition of your supporters. If they trudge off like that at Hereford on Saturday without so much as a clap for us, I’ll be in the bar waiting for the bastards.

MAN OF THE MATCH : Ed Hutchinson. I really hope he’s still around next season!

ENTERTAINMENT : 6. Some nice footy from the Champs and at least we tried to play a bit.

TEAM : Howells,Berry,Skelly,Brooker,Harford,Hutchinson,Ekoku,Rowlands,Sears,Winston, Newhouse SUBS : Watson, Harlow, Brodrick, Forrester

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