Bread & Dripping Pan

What do we do with a drunken supporter? What do we do with a drunken supporter? What do we do with a drunken supporter? Especially when he has lost his shoes! Yeah that’s right someone nearly lost their shoes on the trip back home last night. But we will deal with that later because we have the magic that […]

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It’s Not Nice When You Lewes All The Time….

CONFERENCE SOUTH Att: 640 LEWES – 4   [Holloway 57. Griffiths 61. Davis 90. Groves 90] SUTTON UNITED – 0 So, at last, we have another manager. Unfortunately, it wasn’t Merlin, a re-incarnation of Harry Houdini or Jesus H Christ as we’d really hoped (Apparently we couldn’t afford any of ’em) and instead we went […]

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Our Cup Runneth Over

FA CUP 3rd QUALIFYING ROUND Att : 693 LEWES – 1   [Wormull 25] SUTTON UNITED – 0 Having scraped past the might of Woodford United in the previous round, we were a little worried what the FA Cup 3rd Qualifying round held for us.  Most sides would probably ask for a ‘winnable tie’, probably […]

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Rooks Rule Roost Again

CONFERENCE SOUTH Att : 305 LEWES – 2  Beckford (4). Sigere (90). SUTTON UNITED – 0 One of the darkest moments of a frankly dreadful campaign so far was the 5-1 home defeat to Lewes back in November. 1 down in under 60 seconds, the night got progressively worse from there and Lewis Gonsalves last […]

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Less Said The Better

CONFERENCE SOUTH Att : 628 SUTTON UNITED – 1   [Gonsalves 87] LEWES – 5   [Sigere 1. 8. 17. 53. Kennet 40] Look, it’s no use trying to rub some imaginary sleep from your eyes like it was some sort of bad dream or horrible nightmare. I know, ‘cos I’ve tried! It really did […]

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Tennis Balls and Tomatoes

CONFERENCE SOUTH Att: 602 LEWES – 0 SUTTON UNITED – 1    [Quinton 80.] When the fixtures were released, as it traditional we all naturally looked for every opportunity possible to visit the seasidey type venues for a weekend of beer & footy. So much so, that even the almost-but=not-quite seasidey trips like Havant & […]

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Rook Me We’re Bad…

CONFERENCE SOUTH Att: 476  SUTTON UNITED – 3  [Scarborough 27. Vansittart 73.88.] LEWES – 5  [Adeniyi 12.64. Moore 31. Newman 67.76.] After the season took another turn for the worse last week at Welling, we welcomed Lewes to GGL for our next league encounter. What was worrying me most was the fact that they’ve not […]

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On My Command, Unleash Beer!

PRE-SEASON FRIENDLY Att: N/A LEWES – 3  [Dicker. Davis. Green] SUTTON UNITED – 0 The lack of seaside trips in the Ryman Premier helps make the average season rather less interesting. Ok, we have good pissup opportunities in St Albans and Bedford, but there’s nowt like getting trashed by the sea. This makes the pre-season […]

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