Disembowelled Teddy

Happy Easter folks. I hope you’re all stuffed to the gills with Creme Eggs and feeling wonderfully nauseous on this fine long weekend. And thank you for joining us for the second part of our own little Easter fable as the U’s head to Bradford hoping for some resurrection stuff to take place after we […]

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It’s Only Bantams

I’ve said before on here how tough home matches can be to cover, with the lack of general idiocy that away games entail and the lack of differing viewpoints on these pages these days, it can get all a bit samey and finding the motivation to cook up something on a weekend can be hard […]

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Is There Any More Gravy?

Thanks to Tuesday night’s solid win over Crawley, we’re heading into the last two games of our debut League 2 season still in with a sniff of being involved in the post season bunfight, a position that almost nobody in the People’s Republic of West Sutton could have ever imagined the U’s would be in […]

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Wardrobe Malfunction

Back when we got the fixtures for this League 2 stuff we found ourselves in, one of the main ones we looked for was Bradford away. For most of us, it was a first time visit to the city and also a chance to see our bunch of Non-League bastards play at a former Premier […]

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