Another Small Hitch-in


Att: 520

SUTTON UNITED – 1  [Bolt 84]

HITCHIN TOWN – 1  [Parker 56]

Sorry folks, but this weeks report will be a tadge sketchy as I was only present for the second half. I had a funeral to attend in Manchester and as we came off the M25 onto the A217 just before half time, I decided to try and catch at least some of the action. You know what? I’m too bloody dedicated, that’s my problem…

By the sounds of it, the first half was a bit shite anyway! But with my keen investigative mind, I managed to scrape together some info on this ‘festival’ of footy.

The side included our new signing, striker Paul Whitmarsh, but apart from this, appeared pretty much the same as usual. Yep, that means Mr ‘Form’, Dave Harlow is still there. Quite WHY, we’ve been so far unable to establish.

The first half was a bit of a dead affair, as mentioned before. With Whitmarsh having an early strike saved (Me? I’m on the M25 somewhere…..) the next moment of any note is when the Hitchin ‘keeper inexplicably picks up a backpass just before half time. Unfortunately Bolty’s free-kick from 6 yards is fimly buried into the midriff of some visiting defender (Still on the A217 I’m afraid!).

Approximately 15 minutes later, muggins here rolls into the ground.

My first taste of the game is to see a Hitchin striker swivel 20 yards from goal and force a good save from Howells. My second taster is Whitmarsh latching onto a pass inside the box and having his fierce shot beaten out by the ‘keeper. The boys behind the goal assure me, I’ve now seen as much action as they have. Oh goody.

Whitmarsh begins to impress me. His strong running causes constant probs for the visiting defence. He’s soon in on goal again, but is again denied by a good save by the ‘keeper. The rest of the side are doing their jobs, but failing to impress at the same time. Harlow and Harford are bumbling around in midfield again, Bolt is struggling to provide any really telling passes and our wingbacks are’nt. Horner on the left doesn’t really get forwards, whilst Brooker on the right does, but with little end product.

Hitchin almost take the lead when Hammonds mis-kicks a back pass to Howells. And with Gareth scrambling to rescue the situation, the ball bobbles against the upright and away for a corner. Bugger me. That was close.

Whitmarsh has a couple of other opportunities. First jinking one way then the other into the box before his low shot to the near post is again beaten out by the ‘keeper. Next a corner finds him at the back post and his half volley is blocked by the ‘keepers legs.

Natrually with the U’s having pretty much domintated proceedings, Hitchin take the lead. How? Free header from a corner of course! What else!

The ball drifts to the back post where Parker rises unchallenged to power a header past a stranded Howells. Feck. Here we go again.

The U’s push for an equaliser, but their own goal seems to have lifted the visitors and they now battle for every ball, not allowing our lads time to settle in possession. Which is bad news with players like Harlow in your team who struggle to retain the ball in an empty field.

Boothe is subbed for Thompson as we go all out for the last 10 minutes to salvage a result. Thankfully, Whitmarsh’s persistance pays off with 4 minutes to go. Another mazy little run is halted illegally on the corner of the 18 yard box. Danny Bolt cues up the ball and swings an absolute peach up, over the wall and under the crossbar, just inside the near post for the equaliser. It’s an absolute corker. Shame that it could only scramble a point!

Both sides play out the final 5 minutes or so, trying to find a final killer blow but failing before the ref blows for time to almost total silence. Obviously all present were thoroughly entertained!!!

Then it’s off to the Robin Hood for a pint or two, during which we discover that the Scummers win last week was a minor hiccup in their mission to catch Dulwich marooned at the bottom of the table, as they suffer a 5-0 kicking at home to Farnborough. Ho ho! Sadly K’s rescue a draw at mighty Staines, but our mood brightens when we realise that this will add another game to their already rather busy schedule.

Which we like. A lot.

The evening ends with more beer in the Firkin, hollering along to assorted classics classics played by the world famous ‘Pancracker’. Whaddya mean you’ve never heard of ’em??? You need to get out more you do. Rock n’Roll legends these boys!

MAN OF THE MATCH : Paul Whitmarsh. And I only saw 45 minutes!!

ENTERTAINMENT : 5. Second half was OK until they scored.

TEAM : Howells, Hammonds, Palmer, Horner, Brooker, Baker, Harlow, Harford, Bolt, Boothe, Whitmarsh  SUBS : Thompson, Sears.

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