Sorry! We Didn’t Go!


Att: 302

GRAYS ATHLETIC – 1  [Hazel 8]

SUTTON UNITED – 2  [Nartey 65. Sears 81]

Sorry folks, Taz was in Paris for the England game. So was Bob. Chalmers, who was also meant to be going, unfortunately ended up in St Helier hospital on Wednesday afternoon with a nasty stomach complaint.

The poor sod was released mid morning on friday, with the rest of us some 100 miles from Paris on the other side of the Channel.

Naturally he didn’t attend the Grays match either. Not because he didn’t feel up to it, but because he couldn’t be arsed. And who could blame him! All this coupled with the fact that no other bastard volunteered a report, we have the first ‘blank’ in the history of Gandermonium.

Sorry about that.

We’d like to assure you it won’t happen again, but we’d frankly be lying through our teeth. But, then again, one match unreported from the good 60 or so since the site started ain’t bad…

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