About the Blog

Back in 1998, a Sutton United supporter known only as 'Taz' decided that writing alcohol influenced & slightly furious match reports about the club's games was a good way of dealing with the fact they weren't being very good. A way of getting his frustrations off his chest if you like.

He called this online therapy 'Gandermonium'.

Of course, having decided to get all uppity about his footballing life, the team went and promptly fucked things up, went on a silly run of form and won the Ryman League title that season.

Still, the U's came straight back down the following year and as the site grew into something a bit bigger, Sutton got into the new Conference Southern division. And there they stayed and struggled, until the fateful 2007\2008 season, where possibly the worst campaign in living memory saw the club win 5 league games and drop back into the Ryman with a points total that would make a Carshalton fan red faced in embarrassment.

At this point, Taz was tired of writing about a struggling team and promptly knocked it on the head.

Since then? 5 play off appearances and another Ryman League title under new manager Paul Doswell. Fucking typical!

It was this success that lead to two morons called Dukey & Juan pestering Taz to resurrect the site as they had misty eyed, nostalgic memories of the old place & wanted it back. Plus they thought other people did too (they didn't). Eventually Taz relented. Mainly as it was a piece of piss to set up and he didn't have to do anything, unlike in the old days. Plus it meant these two idiots would stop bugging him.

The aim is to give you more of the same as the old site, along with some of the old archived reports we have, maybe snippets\recreations from the other pages of 'old' Gandermonium had (no promises) and other vaguely SUFC & Football related articles.

We hope you enjoy it.


So we don't get shouted at, please note: The articles, opinions and views on this blog are those of the authors and not SUFC or it's officials\officers.