Gandermonium Tat

Welcome to our little store. Here we’re hoping to flog various little bits of tat to raise some cash so we can buy things like more stickers to help spread the word of Sutton United and Gandermonium. Plus this is 100% guaranteed to make you cooler and more attractive to the opposite sex!*

*definitely will not make you more attractive to the opposite sex 


Some of our designs have been turned into T-Shirts, Mugs and a couple of prints at our Redbubble store HERE. They handle all the manufacture and shipping for us, so you’ll get it nice and fast as well as in one piece. Unlike if we were doing it…


Our first range of tat is some 25mm1in ‘button’ badges of varying designs. All of which are hand made by skilled artisans in the People’s Republic of West Sutton. They’re made from all metal parts, with no nasty breakable plastic involved. We make only the finest quality tat!

There are 15 designs in all and we’re charging £1 each, six for £5 or ten for £7.50. Postage is 50p for a single badge, 99p for the multiples. Unless you order like, a hundred, then we might have to charge a touch more.

If you don’t like the cold, impersonal feeling of online purchasing, then they can also be obtained on match days from Taz (he’s usually in the bar or on the Shoebox!) for the same prices as you see here.

Payment online is by PayPal, so it’s all perfectly secure and these days, you don’t even need to sign up for an account! Just pick the option you want and click ‘Buy Now’. It’s as simple as we are! If buying singles, the 6 for 5 or the selection of 10, don’t forget to tell us which badge(s) you want!!

The designs are: 1. Target – 2. Motorhead – 3. Amber Flag

4. Shoebox Crew – 5. Fist  – 6. Lager

7. Against Sober Football – 8. Bollocks – 9. PRoWS Map

10. Dundo! – 11. No Pints A – 12. Gorillaz

13. Specials – 14. No Pints B  – 15. Different Class

Single Badges

What Badge(s) Would You Like?

Six Badges for a Fiver

What Badges Would You Like?

Ten Badge Selection

Sticker Packs

Here we have packs of 30 Gandermonium stickers. 5 each of 6 randomly selected designs, including the new ones we’ve just got made up! Packs are £2 each, with a bit for postage. There’s also a chance you’ll get a few extras in a pack. Or perhaps a button badge. You never know!

Stay tuned for more tat!